Facilities Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated February 25, 2017

The best cover letter writing advice anyone can give to you is to keep a control over the document. When you write a cover letter for facilities manager position, it is important to show the prospective employer that you know all there is to know about cover letter writing, and that you are using this information to the best of your knowledge. Beginning your cover letter in a standout manner and ending it with an action close is a foolproof way of winning interviews.

A cover letter that does not boast of an action close, automatically hands the control of the interviewing process to the reader. It typically says “I will sit tight and wait by the telephone for an employer to call me!” Not done. That is not the type of attitude that a hiring manager is looking for. Remember that cover letters are forms of marketing, and it is imperative for you to make sure that they do what they are supposed to do.

Refer to the sample below:


Facilities Manager Cover Letter Sample


February 24, 2017

Mr. Gregory Hall
Hiring Manager
Wintek Inc.
65 Plane Road
South Bend, IN 56520


Dear Mr. Hall:

Efficient management of all property operations, performance and service delivery has been the core of my work as a facilities manager over the last 5 years. With extensive comprehension of leading third party service providers to ensure that preventative and corrective maintenance work is performed in an effective and efficient manner, I am sure that you will be interested in the enclosed resume.

Last year, I was solely responsible for developing an annual capital improvement budget, which greatly added to the value and appearance of the property that was assigned to me. With great insight into developing long and short-term strategies to minimize deference maintenance, I am positive of my ability to contribute to your organization in the role of a facilities manager.

Over the last 3 years, I have been actively involved in managing established company benchmarks, which included customer satisfaction, utility consumption and management of line of business relationships. In addition to this, I have been driving a strategic sustainability culture, which has contributed much to the facilities management of the company.

In a personal interview with you, I will be able to express my skills and qualifications for the job in a more profound manner. I will call you soon to set a meeting time. You may contact me during business hours if you need further information.



David Ross

(000) 444-8547