Estimating Manager Resume Sample

Updated: September 1, 2018

An estimating manager is required to determine the cost of a project and is basically hired so that this financial aspect of the work is managed in a proper manner.

Estimating managers are hired in all types of organizations that have high needs to calculate costs, and they often base their decisions to take up a project or not, based on what information the estimating manager as provided them with.

There is only one way to write a good resume, and that is to make sure that it is structured properly. Here is a sample:


Estimating Manager Resume Sample



Abraham Johnson
19 Edmond Road, Tulsa, OK53990
(000) 999-9999


Uniquely qualified Estimating manager with 15+ years’ extensive experience of determining company’s requirements regarding cost estimates for projects. Ability to provide functional support for multiple projects, establish and maintain evaluation procedures, and review pricing and scheduling metrics to determine cost estimates.


• Strategy Development • Performance Improvement • Cost Engineering
• Data Review • Problem Detection • Economic Trends
• People Management • Target Orientation • Research
• Process Development • Bids Evaluation • Layout Conceptualization


Estimating Manager
Color Me, Tulsa, OK 2009-present
• Implement a dynamic cost estimation system, which proved to be 85% more accurate than the one already in place.
• Introduce the company to a series of cost management systems, resulting in a 50% decrease in costs.
• Confer with department heads to determine the type of project, service, or product that they need cost estimates for.
• Ensure that a robust cost estimation system is developed and implemented to meet production or project requirements.
• Perform cost engineering work to ensure continuous improvement of processes, ensuring that they are in line with quality metrics.
• Analyze and identify key areas of improvement, and apply cost estimation techniques to drive cost reductions.
• Review data to detect and assess problems, and provide recommendations for resolution purposes.
• Create cost estimates for each assigned project or product, ensuring that budgetary constraints are kept in mind.
• Analyze business plans to determine labor costs that may be associated with delivery, installation, and maintenance of materials.
• Assist the organization in facilitating scheduling, material acquisition, and conflict resolution.

Estimation Officer
Kovach LLC, Tulsa, OK 2003-2009
• Successfully created cost estimates for 15 products and services at the same time, meeting all protocols perfectly.
• Trained over 100 people in handling cost estimation work, as part of their induction process.
• Created cost estimates for each product or project, and acquired managerial approvals.
• Prepared and maintained documents associated with bid offers, and reviewed requirements.
• Ensured that all created estimates were thorough, detailed, and well-annotated.
• Prepared project bid status reports, for presentation to the estimation manager, and the higher management.
• Maintained an accurate and current database of cost codes of accounts for historical data.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Tulsa University, Tulsa, OK – 2009