Youth Soccer Coach Resume Sample

Updated on: April 10, 2021

If you need to write a good resume for a soccer coach position, then you have to spend time and lots of efforts.

If your resume makes the hiring manager feel bored, you need to rethink how to create one.

Here is a sample to help you out craft a compelling resume:

Youth Soccer Coach Resume Example

Daniel Harmon
59 West Road, Norman, OK54903
(000) 872-9564


Top-performing soccer coach with 13+ years’ extensive experience in creating soccer coaching plans to meet the individual requirements of each player. Deeply familiar with providing children and young adults with assistance in comprehending game rules, and playing according to them.

• Demonstrated expertise in teaching fundamental skills to players, while emphasizing skill development, fair play, and sportsmanship.
• Competent in providing a safe environment for practicing soccer by actively checking the condition of fields.
• Proven ability to organize and direct individuals and small groups in activities as per lesson plans.
• Well-versed in determining game strategies, and ensuring that players perform moves accordingly.


Strategy Development
Equipment Oversight
Player Assessment
Eligibility Determination
Emergency Response
Technique Development


Youth Soccer Coach | 2011-present
YMCA, Norman, OK 
• Successfully coach 200 teams in the game of soccer in 5 years.
• Introduce the concept of individualized attention, resulting in increased gameplay success.
• Engage players in conversation to determine their stances of the game, and to judge their interest.
• Assess interested players to decipher their skill levels, and the ability to handle the game.
• Choose the right candidates to play soccer, based on individual skills, experience, and the ability to learn.
• Provide chosen players with information regarding the rules and regulations of the game.
• Ensure that a game strategy is developed and communicated to all team members.
• Oversee gameplay, providing instructions where necessary, and encouraging players throughout.
• Provide one on one assistance to players to ensure that their limitations and weak points are covered.
• Maintain records of player information, ensuring that it is updated, and kept confidential at all times.

Assistant Soccer Coach | 2005-2011
Paul’s Soccer Academy, Norman, OK
• Implemented a series of safety practices, which resumed in 80% fewer incidents of injury.
• Saved a player’s life by providing him with immediate CPR when he collapsed during a stressful game of soccer.
• Ensured that all athletes were gathered at the beginning of each session, and provided them with pep talks.
• Oversaw moves of each player, providing instructions where necessary, and shouting out encouragement to them.
• Made arrangements for equipment to be made available on the field, as per the instructions of the head coach.
• Assisted athletes with warming up exercises and handled adverse situations such as accidents and injuries.
• Ensured that equipment and materials used for warmup and gameplay purposes were adequately put away at the end of the day.

BA Degree in Physical Education
Oklahoma State University, Norman, OK – 2009