Department Manager Cover Letter Example

Updated on: October 17, 2021

A department manager cover letter is a unique tool used to communicate a specific type of information to a hiring manager.

Without the cover letter, it is almost impossible to highlight your work prowess, even if your resume is excellently written.

Cover letters are an integral part of the department manager job application set and are not written just as a rule. They have to be written with focus and after much research.

Writing a cover letter is not an easy job, and can often get tricky if you are unaware of what needs to go into it.

Remember that the cover letter exists because the hiring manager wants you to tell him or her what your skills are, how you’ve used them in the past, and how you can best use them to benefit a future employer.

Once these aspects are covered in a cover letter, you are ready to submit it along with the resume, and the rest of the job application documents asked for by the prospective employer.

Here is a cover letter sample for a department manager to help you out.

Department Manager Cover Letter Sample

October 17, 2021

Mr. Stephen King
Human Resource Manager
The Store
1399 Caleb Springs Road
Hot Springs, AR 10092

Dear Mr. King:

As a highly qualified department manager with 9+ years of hands-on experience and strong motivation to contribute by using my leadership qualities, I am applying for the Department Manager position you are currently advertising. My communication, interpersonal, and teams management skills make me a great candidate.

Challenges never scare me – I welcome them with open arms. And having worked as a department manager for over five years, challenges are an everyday event for me. Offering a wide variety of management and administrative skills, I invite you to go through the attached resume.

As a department manager, I have contributed in several areas, including managing staff members, handling merchandising work, controlling stock, and handling account analysis. With my ability to forecast future sales, based on existing market information and trends, I can make accurate sales estimations, allowing staff members to work towards their goals in a more profound manner.

Possessing a solid track record of achieving sales targets by a 100% in the last four years, I have received the prestigious Golden Globe award for my performance. Being an excellent communicator, and possessing well-placed talents in motivating team members, I am confident that I will be an excellent person to hire at your organization.

To further elaborate on my skills and competencies, I’d like to talk with you in a meeting soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ian Oliver
(000) 201-3025

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