Coding Manager Resume Sample

Updated March 5, 2017


It is not a matter of how much information you have provided in a coding manager resume. What matters is the quality of the provided information.

If the different sections on your resume do not say much about what you are capable of doing in an office environment, you need to change the way you write your resume.

Here is a sample to help you:




Coding Manager Resume Sample



Fredrick Cole

95 E Clinton Street | Dover, NJ 40023 | (000) 214-7541 | fredcole @ email . com


Performance Summary
Top performing Coding Manager with over 6 years of experience in healthcare settings, specifically 3 years in supervisory role. Solid track record of overseeing medical coding staff to ensure proper recordkeeping, maintaining medical records in an accurate and confidential manner. A results-oriented individual who effectively develops organizational structures to maximize the effectiveness of coding functions.

• Qualified to identify EMR system issues, and ensure immediate resolution to minimize downtime
• Proven ability to develop and build up on coding policies, procedures, SOPs and tools


✓ Mitigation Strategies ✓ Policies Development
✓ Coder Mentoring ✓ Change Initiation
✓ Quality Reporting Metrics ✓ Training and Development
✓ Discrepancy Management ✓ Accounts Management
✓ Compliance Assurance ✓ Number Charts Management
✓ Direct Supervision ✓ Operational Efficiency



Process Improvement: Developed and implemented coding processes, which were deemed 65% more efficient than the ones already in place.

Training: Successfully trained a team of 15 medical coders, in time for them to be deployed to 3 different facilities within the state.

Change Management: Solely responsible for revamping the organizational structure within the facility, resulting in more work processes being completed in the time allotted.

Functional Efficacy: Implemented a reporting system for medical coders, which resulted the operational efficiency of the medical coding department.


Coding Manager
Logix Health, Dover, NJ | 6/2010 – Present

• Oversee the work of each medical coder to ensure that he or she is working according to schedule
• Communicate with medical coders on a regular basis to acquire information such as trending reports
• Identify methods to improve workflow, and ensure that they are efficiently implemented
• Review accounts receivables and follow up on delinquent accounts to ensure that they are paid immediately
• Develop and maintain effective organizational structures to maximize quality and productivity of coding functions
• Create quality reporting metrics to ensure smooth internal monitoring and reporting
• Monitor all coding activities to ensure that they comply with standards and policies
• Identify mitigation strategies and ensure that appropriate proactive approach is taken to resolve issues

Medical Coder
Pinnacle Health, Dover, NJ | 2/2011 – 5/2014

• Collected comprehensive data relating to patients and organized it by abstracting all relevant information
• Ascertained that all collected data was accurate and updated before punching it into the system
• Entered data into the electronic medical coding system and checked it for accuracy and integrity
• Assigned proper diagnosis to each entry using AIS, ICD and ISS as standards
• Corrected any evident discrepancies in punched in data to ensure its integrity



Certified Professional Coder
Dover Medical Coding School, Dover, NJ | 2010

Bachelor’s Degree in Health Services Administration
Dover Central College, Dover, NJ | 2009


Member: American Society of Medical Coding Professionals