Tool and die makers are professionally skilled machinists who produce tools and dies in order to manufacture a variety of products. Tool making and die making are actually two different processes but most skilled machinists will be able to perform both. They are expected to make and repair measuring devices too and construct and repair metal structures.

This is a highly skilled job and can be performed only by people who have an aptitude for mathematics and the ability to read blueprints. The ability to operate machine tools and hand tools is one of the primary criteria for this job.

If you are a skilled tool and die maker, the following cover letter sample will help you in writing your very own.


Tool & Die Maker Cover Letter Sample

7388 Lakeview Street
Lincoln, ME 83933

April 21, 2013

Mr. Thomas Reynolds
Manager Human Resources
Triumph Group
9033 Church Street
Lincolm, ME 83900


Dear Mr. Reynolds:

My professional skills for tool and die making and related experience, spanning a term of eight years, makes a perfect match with the job description of Tool and Die Maker at Triumph Group. I’d like to take this challenging opportunity and offer my skills and experience in this trade.

As indicated in the enclosed resume, I possess exceptional working knowledge of using precision instruments and core machine tools and am familiar with machining properties and the use of composite materials. My mathematical and engineering acumen dictates my ability to read and comprehend blue prints effectively and make appropriate calculations that are needed to fabricate tools and dies. With the use of CAD, I can easily develop products and parts according to specifications and possess the ability to check for accuracy at every point of the manufacturing process.

This is indeed a great opportunity and I would like to hold it with both hands. My resume should be of great interest to you as it contains much information of my skills and experiences. I will call your office after five days to ask for updates on my application and will be available at (028) 888-8888 to answer your queries.

Thanks for your consideration.



Armand Cooke

Enc. Resume