Ice Cream Maker Resume Sample

Updated on: August 31, 2015

You cannot pass off a document as a resume by simply filling it with information regarding who you are. Resumes are structured documents that spell out an individual’s professional profile in detail. Writing everything in one go will be considered information overload – and information overload is not considered positive.

When an employer looks at a resume, he wants just one thing – the right candidate. And it is up to the candidate to make sure that he paints a pretty picture. So the next time you have to write a resume, bring color into it (not literally) by drawing out your best features in terms of skills, competencies, experience and education. How to go about it exactly is given in the resume sample of an ice cream maker below:

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Ice Cream Maker Resume Sample


Jane Pollock

378 Carneros Avenue ● Lewes, DE 81023
(000) 123-5433 ● jane.pollock @ email . com


SUMMARY: Creatively-inclined ice cream maker with a vast knowledge of producing high quality ice cream by virtue of operating, cleaning and maintaining both industry sized and hand churning ice cream making devices.
• Demonstrated expertise in setting up and operating equipment to cook ice cream mixes and blend and process ingredients
• Proficient in following designated recipes to produce specified flavors and textures of ice cream
• Adept at mixing and blending ingredients using paddles and agitators
• Familiar in controlling vats and conveyor belt procedures


• Mixing sequences • Flavor conformity • Tasting
• Pasteurization • Storage • Molding
• Decoration • Sanitization • Maintenance
• Safety standards • Inventory management • Rotation

• Created a tangy pineapple ice cream flavor due to which the popularity of the ice cream store rose and customer base increased by 62%
• Decreased costs of buying artificial flavors by 80% by producing in-house flavors
• Increased the popularity of the ice cream joint by introducing 15 new flavors
• Introduced sugar a free ice cream range which increased business by 29%


Ice Cream Maker
DAIRY QUEEN GRILL, Lewes, DE (5/2013 to Present)
• Check ice cream making equipment to ensure that it is in proper working order
• Perform any minor repair on maintenance tasks such as repairing leaks or handling plugging
• Set up, operate and tend to equipment to cook, mix and blend ingredients for making ice cream
• Handle controls such as valves to adjust operations to make sure that optimum work processes are carried out
• Follow recipes to produce ice creams of different flavors and textures
• Record each cycle of production and test data for each batch to ensure conformity to standards
• Mix and blend ingredients according to specified recipes and check each process to ensure that quality standards are met
• Determine mixing sequences by maintaining knowledge of temperature effects
• Taste end product to ensure that the taste, texture and quality is according to specified standards
• Clean and perform preventative and general maintenance on ice cream making machines
• Inspect final product and pack it in appropriate containers
• Ascertain that end product is carefully and appropriately stored in freezers
• Procure ingredients and make sure that all supplies are available at all times
• Handle supplies inventory and ensure that any problems with ice cream making machines or tools is reported properly

Ice Cream Scooper
ICE CREAM HOUSE, Lewes, DE (11/2011 to 5/2013)
• Tended to ice cream making machinery during ice cream making procedures
• Ascertained that proper maintenance and cleanliness procedures are performed on ice cream making machines
• Mixed ingredients such as ice cream mixes and syrups in correct quantities according to specified recipes
• Cleaned and appropriately stored mixing tools such as beaters, extruders and pumps
• Loaded ice cream mixes into machines and set controls
• Unloaded prepared ice cream and tested it for conformance to taste and quality
• Ascertained that proper inventory of supplies and ingredients is maintained

High School Diploma