School Librarian Resume Example

Updated on: November 4, 2019
Overview and Guidelines

Organizing your information on a school librarian resume to match the exact requirements of the job is very important.

So if you don’t know the exact requirements, you cannot possibly create a resume that conforms.


Using the exact words that the job description calls for can do wonders for your chances to scurry forward.

If the advertisement says that the school is looking for someone with “more than 5 years of experience”, mention that you have that many years of experience.

Do not assume that the resume parsing system will figure it out from the dates on your resume.

And if you qualify for different positions within the same company, tailor and submit two different resumes. Look over your resume extensively. If you possibly can, omit a word here and there.


The following example will guide you on how to write a good resume for the school librarian position.

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School Librarian Resume Example



Ingrid Belmont
645 Red Pump Road, Bel Air, MD 12345
(000) 123-4323
Ingrid.belmont @ email . com

School Librarian

A conscientious and poised school librarian with 9+ years’ experience in library management. Great enthusiasm to foster an environment of creativity, innovation, and openness to new ideas. Track record of developing and managing convenient, accessible library and information services to students. Committed to empowering students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, and skillful researchers.

• Demonstrated expertise in instilling a love for learning in students and ensuring equitable access to information.
• Proficient in collaborating with teachers to design and implement instructional units in accordance with each class’s educational goals.
• Focused on promoting lifelong learning by fostering positive attitudes towards libraries.

• Research
• Instructional partnership
• Program administration
• Self-assessment
• Critical thinking
• Multitasking
• Professional development
• Instructional technology
• Accreditation activities
• Library networking
• Emerging technologies
• Library inventory


School Librarian
Capital City Public School, Bel Air, MD | 11/2015-Present

• Establish annual and long term goals for the library media
• Administer library media programs and develop policies and procedures to ensure their efficacy
• Select and purchase new materials and equipment for efficient library services and operations
• Prepare and administer library budgets in accordance with school policies
• Confer with teaching professionals to understand each class’s individual teaching objectives
• Work with teachers to incorporate library services into the teaching curriculum
• Catalog and process new materials and equipment
• Create and maintain liaison with other libraries for interlibrary loaning purposes
• Oversee the repair and replacement of damaged books and materials
• Encourage students and staff to access library services and resources
• Supervise and assist students during library visits
• Work with students individually or in groups to help them reach their reading or researching goals
• Maintain records of library members and ensure that they are updated periodically

Key Accomplishments
• Collaborated with 5 teachers to develop and implement a series of technology-rich expeditions and projects
• Expanded access of information to students through the use of online resources and interlibrary loans

Library Aide
Bullis School, Bel Air, MD | 1/2009-5/2011

• Assisted members in looking for books and materials in shelves
• Conferred with members to understand their particular research needs and provided them with information on where to look for information
• Issued and maintained records of books and materials to members
• Followed up on issued materials and ensured that they are returned promptly
• Oversaw student groups/study groups and assisted them with specific research needs

Key Accomplishments
• Incorporated library services into the regular curriculum, thereby increasing students’ interest in reading conventional books by 55%
• Conducted 85 study workshops in 2 years, spanning a multitude of subjects

MS in Library Sciences

• Library Software
• MS Office Applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)