Entry-Level Paralegal Cover Letter No Experience (4 Samples)

Updated: January 8, 2023

Paralegals or legal assistants work in a lawyer’s office and are responsible for legal support work and administrative duties.

In order to get a job as a paralegal, especially at the entry level, it is imperative to make a compelling job application package that usually includes your cover letter and a resume.

A good cover letter for an entry-level paralegal position highlights your transferable skills and knowledge gained through education and internships.

When searching for your first job, you should spend lots of time customizing your cover letter for each employer, instead of using a generic cover letter for all.

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The following 4 cover letter samples will help entry-level candidates to apply for a paralegal position.

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Entry Level Paralegal Cover Letter With No Experience (Sample 1)

Sara Robert
965 8th Street
Atlantic City, NJ 06106
(000) 668-8547
[email protected]

January 8, 2023

Mr. Daniel Smith
Executive Vice President
AAA Law Firm
333 Marzio Rd.
Mohonk, NY 14857

Dear Mr. Smith:

As a recent law graduate of Trinity College, I am enthusiastic to work as a Paralegal for AAA Law Firm. I learned of this opportunity through the New York Recruiting Consortium at Trinity College.

My high level of attentiveness and exceptional organizational skills helped me maintain a strong academic record, which reflects my passion and commitment. Thorough liberal arts courses and a concentration in law have provided me with an unparallel writing ability in addition to exceptional analytical, investigation, and research acumen.

Through my internship at Bony’s Law firm, I developed expertise in helping lawyers in preparing for closings, hearings, trials, and business meetings. I can also investigate the facts of cases and ensure that all applicable information is considered.

Owing to my strong academic background in law, I can quickly identify appropriate laws, judicial decisions, legal articles, and additional materials that are pertinent to assigned cases. Above all, I am very expert in preparing written reports that attorneys use in determining how cases should be handled.

I am eager to obtain the paralegal position at the AAA Law Firm and look forward to meeting with you to discuss my skills and abilities in detail. My resume is attached for your review.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sara Robert
(000) 668-8547

Attachment: resume

Entry Level Paralegal Cover Letter Sample 2

Alan Fisher
935 Monroe Street #3
Dover, DE 55422
(000) 717-7077

January 8, 2023

Mr. Jeffery Mann
HR Manager
First Legal Advisors
8 Evergreen Drive
Dover, DE 83736

Re: Paralegal Position (Ad. ID 21044)

Dear Mr. Mann:

I am excited about the prospect of joining your company as an entry-level Paralegal. I offer a successful background in law education and am eager to contribute to your firm using my skills and knowledge.

Possessing a strong work ethic with a willingness to learn the work that a legal office thrives on, I am confident that I am the right choice for this position. Between the summer and winter semesters of 2021, I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Rushmore Legalities. This experience sharpened my skills in performing both research activities and administrative duties. I possess the ability to use tact and judgment where case involvement is concerned while ensuring that I analyze facts and draw logical legal conclusions.

I offer my resume as a first step in the job application process and would like to meet with you in person to discuss how I may be an asset to First Legal Advisors. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Alan Fisher

Entry-Level Paralegal Cover Letter No Experience Sample 3

Ray Franklin
536 5th Street
Rensselaer, IN 25102
(000) 120-5254
Ray @ email . com

January 8, 2023

Mr. Jeff Larson
Hiring Manager
Lockheed Martin
20 Some Boulevard
Rensselaer, IN 00210

Dear Mr. Larson:

As a passionate paralegal with an associate degree in legal studies, I am applying for a Paralegal position at Lockheed Martin. My legal assisting skills, coupled with my enthusiasm to excel, make me an excellent contender for this role.

As can be seen in the attached resume, I am very expert in interviewing clients, witnesses, and victims, along with a deep insight into managing detailed research work to find case precedents.

Specifically, my skills include:

  • Performing initial case assessments and investigating claims by using trustable avenues.
  • Researching aspects of cases aimed at discovering facts of the matter particularly.
  • Identifying and contacting experts to help with various aspects of cases, including investigation and tailing.

I would enjoy speaking with you in person about how I could exceed your expectations in the role of a Paralegal.  Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you.


Ray Franklin

No Experience Paralegal Cover Letter Example 4

Julian Miller
585 Maple Street North
Saint Louis, MO 52101
(000) 744-1021

January 8, 2023

Mr. Harrison Potter
Hiring Manager
ABC Firm
6666 Foxshire Drive
Saint Louis, MO 73632

Dear Mr. Potter:

As a recent law graduate from Missouri Law College, I am interested in working as a paralegal at ABC Firm, a law firm that I hold in high esteem, owing to its popularity for fair law practices.

As the attached resume indicates, my recent internship has made me well-prepared for the work carried out in an attorney’s office. Some of my qualifications include:

  1. Effectively able to conduct a comprehensive analysis of cases of complex and technical nature, focusing on both facts and figures.
  2. Highly skilled in investigating circumstances of cases, identifying legal issues, and interviewing potential witnesses, both in person and on the telephone.
  3. Ability to prepare for and participate in mediation and trials, and recommend strategic options to trial teams during case development activities.

With strong interpersonal skills, an analytic mind, and a great ability to adjust to changing priorities, I am confident of my ability to be a contributory factor once hired at ABC Firm.

As an ambitious team player who learns quickly and exercises good judgment, I’d like to meet with you. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience and can be contacted at (000) 744-1021.

Thank you very much for your time.


Julian Miller

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