Notary Public Resume Sample

Updated on: December 26, 2022

A notary public or notary is responsible for ensuring that legal and important documents are valid and legally binding. They witness the signing of these documents in front of the signing parties and certify that they were witnessed. 

In order to apply for a notary job, you will need to write a resume. Here is a sample resume you can use to build or update your resume.

Notary Public Resume Example

Robert Mustang
378 Providence Street
Woonsocket, RI 02134
(999) 999-9999
robmust @ email . com

Notary Public

Accomplished notary public with 18 years’ track record of fully evaluating signers’ signatures and ensuring the authenticity of documents through a thorough assessment. Special talent for administering oaths through predefined notary specifications. Demonstrated success in preventing fraud and theft within public matters by thoroughly and methodically endorsing legal paperwork. Proficient in maintaining proper records of each item notarized safely and confidentially. Able to impartially notarize different types of documents and understand limitations of personal interest.

– Sign Verification – Oath administration
– Depositions – Affidavits & Marriage certificates
– Records Maintenance – Document Identification
– State notary laws – Fraud prevention
– Stenography – Communication

• Revamped the entire records-keeping system and implemented one which was more accessible to the general public.
• Prevented a property fraud from taking place by correctly evaluating the client in question and refusing to notarize his documents.
• Unraveled a particularly devious illegal immigrant plan by correctly recognizing a client involved in bigamy in 3 states.
• Reduced the time it took to obtain legal paper by 50% by ordering in bulk (under the state’s legal issuance guide).


Notary Public
State of Rhode Island, Woonsocket, RI
6/2012 – Present
• Verify the identification of the signee by looking through identification documents such as passports and licenses.
• Sign and affix the stamp on documents as proof of witnessing an event or deal.
• Acquire a variety of legal papers and ensure that they are stored in a safe place.
• Administer oaths and affirmations on legal documents to affirm clients’ honor and accountability.
• Create and sign depositions and affidavits to be used in courts of law.
• Keep an eye out for fraudulent activities by thoroughly reading and checking documents to be endorsed.
• Create and maintain records of all notarized items both in paper and electronic forms.

State of New York, New York, NY
1/2004 1 5/2012
• Notarized different kinds of legal documents.
• Kept records of each notarized document after making clear copies of each.
• Ensured that all legal stationery is kept under lock and key.
• Maintained inventory of stamps and seals to ensure that they are not used illegally.
• Assisted in determining the authenticity of clients by checking their identification papers such as birth certificates, passports, and driver’s licenses.

High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Woonsocket, RI – 1998