Public Defender Resume Sample

Updated on: September 16, 2022

If you want to write a resume that will bring results, make sure that you write your relevant skills and experiences information in it.

Here is a sample to go through:

Public Defender Resume Example

Frank Trent
46 42nd Street
Miami Gardens, FL 09231
(000) 757-5141
frantrent @ email . com


A self-reliant and tactful individual with over 6 years of track record of success representing clients as a public defender. Proficient in handling both out-of-court and in-court representations, placing special value on providing clients with chances of fair trials.

Effectively and fairly representing all indignant persons charged with crimes within the specified county.
Handling both arraignment courts and bond courts, with a special focus on ensuring client acquittal.
Special talent for interviewing clients and witnesses to determine backgrounds and facts related to crimes and offenses.
Investigating alleged crimes by coordinating efforts with police officers and efficiently reviewing provided facts.

✓ Defendant Representation ✓ Investigations
✓ Trail Strategies ✓ Interviewing
✓ Public Defense Programs ✓ Agency Liaison
✓ Legal Research ✓ Case Preparation
✓ Prep-trial Motions Preparation ✓ Evidence Collection
✓ Briefs Management ✓ Inconsistencies Evaluation


Public Defender
City of Miami Gardens, Miami Gardens, FL
2019 – Present
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their backgrounds and criminal histories
• Effectively read crime reports provided by law enforcement agencies and correlate them with clients’ narratives
• Prepare cases in favor of assigned clients, aiming to defend them in a court setting
• Keep clients updated about the progress of trials and respond to requests for information
• Proactively prepare and file all papers required by the court and ensure that office copies are properly maintained
• Investigate facts and gather and verify evidence to assist in handling assigned cases effectively
• Represent clients in court, take part in proceedings and hearings and ensure that all collected evidence is properly presented in court
• Act as a negotiator between the defendant and the State Attorney’s Office to secure acquittals or to reach sentence time agreements beneficial for the defendant
Selected Accomplishments
• Saved a client at the last minute (right before the judge was due to announce jail time for her) by effectively securing concrete evidence.
• Singlehandedly created and implemented a series of policies and procedures for the public defense office.

Legal Assistant
Sam and Sam Attorneys, Miami Gardens, FL
2016 – 2019
• Performed legal research to assist attorneys in developing cases based on precedents
• Assisted in preparing case paperwork and ensured that it was timely submitted to the court
• Interviewed new clients to determine types and intensity of cases and provided heads-up to attorneys
• Created and maintained correspondence such as subpoenas, legal documents, and letters
• Ensured that all client data and court proceedings information was accurately and confidentially secured
Selected Accomplishments
• Successfully investigated facts for a court case that had been in limbo for 5 months due to a lack of evidence against the perpetrator.
• Trained 4 batches of newly appointed lawyers in handling legal research through publicly available resources, as part of their training.

Bachelor’s Degree in Law
Florida State University, Miami Gardens, FL