Public Defender Cover Letter Sample

Updated April 6, 2017

Content is the king of public defender cover letter. When you put special effort in crafting bulls-eye messages when writing a cover letter, the results are awesome. Adding zing to your cover letter is imperative if you want to be noticed by the hiring manager as someone who is not afraid to go the extra mile to impress. Start your cover letter strong, and end with an action close that puts you in command and demand!

Easier said than done? You are right. It is easy to say that a cover letter should be all this and that, but when you actually put it into action, you see that writing a standout cover letter is not all peaches and cream. In fact, it is far from being rosy. The road that leads to an effective cover letter is difficult and thorny. But it is entirely in your hands to make sure that you come out shining.

The following cover letter sample may help you decide what can be written in your own to make it stand out:


Public Defender Cover Letter Sample


April 6, 2017

Mr. Ty Smith
Human Resource Manager
City of Miami Gardens
32 Langen Road
Miami Gardens, FL 97216


Dear Mr. Smith:

Working in law enforcement is second nature to me. Anticipating a position as a public defender at the office of the City of Miami Gardens, I aim to contribute to the system by providing benefit of my insight into handling complex cases of the criminal nature. Hoping to represent clients who may be unable to afford personal attorneys, I would like to offer my services in a public defender role.

I have spent the last 5 years, diligently working towards the fair acquittal of innocent people who have been accused of crimes or felonies of diverse natures. With my expertise in determining the truth from them, and effectively researching evidence to support my cases, I am sure that I will be a great contributing factor to the State in terms of public defense.

Although I have a string of successes to my name, I can best identify with the Mary Higgin’s case which had Miami Gardens in its grip until June last year. Here, I would like to highlight the fact that I was the lawyer who managed to close the case within 3 months of it being assigned to me, when 4 other lawyers were unable to do so for over 10 years! Bringing my skills as a public defender – specifically in investigating crimes, gathering evidence, managing witnesses, and creating and leading defense cases – to the State will surely be a credit to it.

I will call you at the end of this week to arrange an interview so that we may talk about my suitability for a public defender position in detail.




David Wetherspoon

(000) 905-5241

Attachment: Resume