Entry Level Hospital Clerk Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: June 10, 2022
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Does no experience automatically translate into no job opportunities? No!

The good news is that you can obtain a good hospital clerk job even if you have had no prior experience working in a similar capacity.

In fact, many employers do look for newly graduated individuals to fill in different positions.

So if you are looking for an entry-level position, rest assured that there are many out there that you can do justice to!

The one thing that you will have to really work on is your cover letter.

When applying for an entry-level hospital clerk position, your first concern should be how do I impress the prospective employer!

When you have this figured out, you are good to go. There is only one way that you can impress a prospective employer and that is by being spot on and creative in what you write.

Your cover letter may be written from an entry-level point of view but a lot will be expected from it. For one, you will need to sound confident even if you are all jittery inside. And your tone must be professional, even if you have not yet been introduced to the professional world.

To see how you can write a cover letter such as this, refer to the sample below:

Wendy Greene
544 North Street
Saint Paul, MN 58220
(000) 111-1111
wendy @ email . com

June 10, 2022

Mr. Mathew Robb
Hiring Manager
Mee Memorial Hospital
180 Govern Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 66021

Dear Mr. Robb:

Your advertisement in The Daily ClassAds for a hospital clerk position piqued my interest specifically because I could relate my abilities to your needs. As a recent high school graduate, I would like to offer my services as a hospital clerk at your facility, a job that I am positive I can do with minimal training and induction.

Last summer, I volunteered to work as a front desk representative (in a relief capacity) at Young’s Hospital. This experience was all-encompassing, allowing me to learn something about every department within the hospital, as far as clerical and administrative work is concerned. With some exposure to handling patients’ records and providing admission and discharge assistance, I believe that I am a good choice to hire as a hospital clerk.

I am available to join immediately. If you are free next Monday, we can meet and discuss the logistics of how I can contribute to Mee Memorial Hospital while employed as a hospital clerk. I will be in touch with you and can be reached at (000) 111-1111 if you need any further information.


Wendy Greene

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