Law Firm Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 8, 2020

A law firm clerk cover letter is basically a marketing tool intended to generate interest in you, and encourage the reader to be excited about reviewing the accompanying resume.

It should succinctly articulate your interest in the position, and your skills in assembling and organizing information for legal documents.


It is important to make connections between your resume and the position requirements when writing a law firm clerk cover letter.

Do not assume that it is alright to repeat the information that you have already provided in the resume.

Instead, focus on your skills such as knowledge of preparing legal drafts, researching law by studying resources, and assembling case materials.

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Law Firm Clerk Cover Letter Sample



Sybil Johnson
(000) 764-1973
[email protected]

January 8, 2020

Mr. Jude Hughes
Human Resources Manager
Bennet, Boehning and Clary
61 Omega Road
Bowling Green, KY 76424


Dear Mr. Hughes:

Your need for a law firm clerk at Bennet, Boehning, and Clary hit home with my personal values and professional background. I have served in a topnotch law firm for 2 years, working very closely with attorneys and administrative staff members. I pride myself on being an innovative individual, with a solid grasp of legal concepts.

I am interested in expanding my professional horizons as a law firm clerk. Since my skills are in exact alignment with your requirements, I am positive that hiring me will be an easy decision to make. Specifically, I am qualified in the following areas:

• Preparing legal correspondence, and documentation
• Organizing large amounts of legal documents, invoices, and letters
• Performing research work to aid trial preparation
• Reviewing and filing pleadings, and petitions relevant to court actions

With strong technical abilities, I am skilled at utilizing technology, databases, and computerized systems to perform research work. As a seasoned law firm clerk with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, I am positive that I will be instantly integrated into your firm.

Mr. Hughes, I am confident that my experience and passion will contribute to your firm’s growth and sustainability. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this law firm clerk position with you, and how I can fit into Bennet, Boehning, and Clary. I look forward to hearing from you for a personal interview, at your earliest convenience.




Sybil Johnson



Law Firm Clerk Cover Letter No Experience



Hannah Pole
653 E. Pine Lane
Minot, ND 23631
(020) 987-6363
Hannah @ email . com

January 8, 2019

Toby McGuire
Manager Human Resources
CACI International
369 Blue Bell Drive
Minot, ND 22001


Dear Mr. McGuire:

As a law graduate from North Dakota Law College, I was very excited to learn that CACI International is hiring law clerks. I have recently completed a 6-week internship at Robert Half, which I am happy to find out is just a week over your internship requirements.

Working for Robert Half was outstandingly insightful. Not only did I learn about the various aspects of running a law firm but received insight into case handling and research work. As I begin my career, I would like to do so by working for the best – CACI International!

During my internship, I have developed the following skills:

• Knowledge of drafting opinions and handling research work to look for case precedents
• Proficient in writing legal documents and correspondence and vetting them to ensure compliance
• Familiar with gathering and compiling facts and relevant case information to lead case preparation

These skills, coupled with great enthusiasm, will help me provide your firm with smooth operational support. I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you and will be in touch with you soon. I can be reached at (020) 987-6363 for any further information that you may require from me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Hannah Pole

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