Law clerks work in legal offices where they usually provide clerical and research assistance t attorneys and judges. This is a support position; people working at this position are usually entry level candidates and gain valuable knowledge while working in a law office.

Law clerks are an important part of an attorney’s office as they are required to perform legal research and analysis which saves an attorney’s precious time for other more pressing matters. They prepare material for trials including discovery letters, exhibit lists and subpoenas. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining the administrative side of an attorney’s office.

They also need to be knowledgeable about the environment that they are working in as research is the key to this work. Working in this arena is not easy as there is a lot to read up on when assisting on a case; trial preparation on precedents is an extremely important part of this work and law clerks are required to possess knowledge of managing this.

Sample Objectives for Law Clerk Resume

• Goal-oriented, dependable Law Clerk seeking a position with Legalities Galore. Offers 4 years’ progressive track record of trial preparation and documents drafting.

• Confident individual looking for a position as a Law Clerk with MNS Lawyers utilizing knowledge of legal terminology and effective research skills.

• Seeking a position as a Law Clerk at Moonlighting. Bringing keen research and organization skills in order to assist with daily legal work and office management.

• To work for Crawford & Crawford as a Law Clerk using extensive knowledge of legal terminology, research acumen and the ability to prepare legal documents effectively.

• Eager get a Law Clerk Position with Kin and Associates. Offering an investigative nature with a profound legal background.