2 Lawyer Resume Examples

Updated on: December 20, 2021
How to Write a Great Resume for Lawyer Position?

The first step in producing an effective lawyer resume is to thoroughly assess your professional abilities, technical skills, and personal attributes.

Do not undermine the importance of this step in resume building.

Take stock of what you have before you begin constructing your resume.

The following questions and answers should help you:

What are my primary transferrable skills?
Organizational abilities, analytic ability, time management skills, leadership qualities, and communication.

What unique or field-specific skills do I have?
Bilingual, case preparation, clerical, legal terminology, customer service, etc.

What are the critical personal attributes that I have which relate to the field of work?
The ability to remain calm under pressure helps in working efficiently during high-stress circumstances.

What situations and places have I been in where I have exercised the preceding abilities, skills, and attributes?
Part-time jobs, volunteer positions, internships, and research projects.

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Lawyer Resume Sample 1

Rebecca Kennedy
589 Bay Street
Laconia, NH 58922
(000) 999-9999

❖❖ LAWYER ❖❖

Passionate legal professional with extensive experience in providing counsel regarding crime, claims, and litigation through resolution and participating in and influencing decision-making processes. Particularly useful in handling cases of stubborn nature, or those that have been stuck in the pipeline for an extended period. Committed to providing reliable legal support by researching all aspects of cases, grievances, and complaints about the purpose of discovery.

Competent at:
• Coordinating research and administrative duties related to trials and assisting across different aspects of legal processes.
• Drafting interrogatories and creating pleadings, including summons and affidavits.
• Identifying, reviewing, and negotiating proposed contracts and securing necessary approvals.


• Dispute Settlement• Evidence Gathering
• Laws Interpretation• Trial Outcome Analysis
• Negotiation• Ownership Establishment
• Will Probation• Litigation Management
• Legal Documents Analysis• Legal Counseling
• Case Strategy Development• Charge Investigation

• Negotiated a contract in the client’s favor, thereby providing him with the benefit of business worth $5m.
• Saved a client from the penalty by presenting “right on time” evidence 5 minutes before the court ruling.
• Successfully analyzed a real estate document and proved it fake, saving the client from investing in the disputed property.
• Efficaciously placed a wanted felon behind bars, who had been evading the law for 14 years.


(9/2016 – Present)
• Interview clients and witnesses to collect case data and determine the truth.
• Establish the firm’s suitability to take up and lead offered cases.
• Advise clients on the law and legal issues that are pertinent to their claims.
• Negotiate with clients to secure agreed objectives and ensure that they are on the same page as their legal counselor.
• Research and analyze documents provided by clients to ensure their authenticity.
• Draft documents and contracts according to each client’s individual needs.
• Act on behalf of clients in disputes and disagreements.
• Perform research activities to determine case precedents and create appropriate cases to be presented in front of the judge.
• Present cases to juries and judges and indulge in discussion/debate to ensure that the client’s point of view is accepted.
• Probate wills and provide advice to executors and administrators of estates.

ZINDA & DAVIS, Laconia, NH
(1/2008 – 9/2016)
• Engaged clients and witnesses in conversation to determine their needs for legal counsel.
• Decided if the firm can take up the offered case by conferring with the lawyer unit.
• Provided information to clients regarding the type of services that the firm is equipped to provide.
• Handled research work such as collecting data from precedents and interviewing witnesses for information.
• Drafted correspondence including letters and contracts and ensured that they are sent to intended recipients in a time-efficient manner.

Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Lawyer Resume Sample 2 With Less Experience

Benjamin Butte
635 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 66665
(009) 999-9999

Seeking a Lawyer position at the Justice Served, utilizing exceptional skills in managing both criminal and civil law cases with a profound ability to provide prudent and workable advice to clients.

• Over 3 years of dedicated service in the law profession.
• Highly skilled in negotiating in and out of court cases.
• Hands-on experience in settling disputes and supervising settlements.
• Functional knowledge of analyzing legal documents and conducting research work.
• Demonstrated ability to research legal precedents and gather evidence.

Feb 2016 – Present
Brooke Attorneys – Las Vegas, NV
• Attend court hearings
• Draw up legal documentation
• Negotiate out of court settlements
• Provide generalized and specialized legal advice
• Settle disputes
• Gather evidence and research cases
• Supervise and train legal assistants

Key Accomplishments
• Created a precedence file regarding a claim without any precedents and had it approved by the principal authority for publication.
• Wrote a paper on judicial decisions regarding divorce matters in the USA which was published in the Core Legal magazine in 2017.

Mar 2014 – Feb 2017
Schmidt Law Office Ltd. – Waseca, MN
Legal Assistant
• Scheduled appointments
• Prepared legal files
• Provided secretarial support
• Drafted correspondence, reports, memoranda, and other legal documents
• Proofread and edited work for phrasing
• Developed and maintained client files

State University, Waseca, MN – 2011

• Exceptional grasp on the legal language
• Excellent written and oral communication
• Profound knowledge of laws and regulations governing Nevada state
• Able to efficiently manage a team of legal assistants