Tax Preparer Job Description

Updated on: April 11, 2019

Position Overview

A tax preparer is responsible for obtaining information regarding income, expenses, credit, and allowances from different people and departments.

They estimate tax return preparation time, create tax returns in an accurate and timely fashion, and ensure that taxes are kept as low as possible.


Tax Preparer Qualifications

To work as a tax preparer, you have to possess a degree in finance or accounting at the very least. Some experience in a tax handling capacity will go a long way in helping you secure a job in this capacity.

You will need exceptional communication skills, along with a great ability to work with popular tax handling software.

In addition to this, you will be expected to manage complex calculations, and report development work.


In this role, it is essential for an individual to understand how to interpret financial documents and spreadsheets, and possess the ability to handle adjustments and deductions as well.

If working as a tax preparer is what you want to do professionally, here is a list of duties particular to this position for you to look at:

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Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities

• Engage individuals in conversation to obtain information regarding taxable incomes, and deductible expenses.

• Prepare both federal and multi-state individual tax returns for individual clients and companies.

• Analyze the tax data submitted by clients to ensure the accuracy of entries into the tax processing software.

• Develop a clear understanding of technical and administrative procedures, and ensure that compliance is kept a priority.

• Communicate with financial counselors to obtain information that is necessary for filing tax returns.

• Prepare and review individual, corporate, and partnership tax returns, and ensure that they are filed in the right government departments promptly.

• Respond to clients’ queries and concerns regarding tax matters, and attempt to educate them about tax filing procedures.

• Prepare and review tax planning projections for corporate and individual estimated tax liability.

• Assist in the handling and balancing of accounting books, as they pertain to tax entries.

• Calculate form preparation fees according to the complexity of the return, and processing time required.


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