Top 20 Meat Cutter Skills and Abilities for Resume

Updated on: October 25, 2021

It seems as if working as a meat cutter is no big deal.

In actuality, it requires a vast set of skills and abilities.

These skills and abilities need to be placed in a resume when you apply for the job.

Let us first see what these skills are. Then, we will talk about how to list them in a resume.

A meat cutter should be able to determine different meat cuts, and then use the right equipment to cut them.

They should also possess the ability to inspect the quality of meat.

In addition, knowledge of cutting, boning, and grinding meat pieces is also important for this position.

Once you have a list of your meat cutting skills and abilities in front of you, you should put them in statements.

Your skills statements should be wholesome, yet not too long.

To see how you can do this, take a look at the following skills statements for a meat cutter position:

Sample Skills and Abilities for Meat Cutter Resume

1. Proficient in determining the right type of cutting equipment and tools for different meat types.
2. Demonstrated ability to sharpen and adjust cutting equipment.
3. Effectively able to receive, inspect, and store meat when it is delivered.
4. Knowledge of cutting meat in accordance with cut types and customers’ requirements.
5. Ability to weigh, wrap, and display meat cuts in a proper way.
6. Unmatched ability to store meats in refrigerators and freezers, and set temperatures.
7. Highly knowledgeable about ensuring meat quality at each stage, before selling.
8. Adept at effectively recording the quantity of meat received.
9. Able to cure, smoke, tenderize, and preserve meat.
10. Expert in boning, tying, and grinding meats such as beef, chicken, turkey, and beef.
11. Highly experienced in preparing special cuts as ordered by customers.
12. Proficient in shaping, lacing and tying roasts by using skewers and boning knives.
13. Qualified to label and price meat cuts in accordance with their weights and cut types.
14. Deeply familiar with recording the quantity of meat issued to cooks.
15. Familiar with negotiating with supply company representatives to determine order details.
16. Hands-on experience in ensuring appropriate sanitization of meat cutting and curing areas.
17. In-depth knowledge of rotating meat cuts in order to keep them fresh.
18. Expert in effectively portioning and packing meat items in accordance with protocols.
19. Ability to manage sales on POS systems, by processing cash and credit card payments.
20. Recognized for working efficiently in a fast-paced and team-oriented environment.

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