The retail world hosts a multitude of job positions. One important part of a retail setting is the grocery department. When writing a resume for a position in a grocery field, you may need to specify many skills that will intrigue an employer enough to call you for an interview. This may include knowledge of groceries and the ability to manage customers in a retail environment.

A meat clerk holds an important position in any department store. This professional is  responsible for receiving, storing, cutting, grinding and packaging meat so it is ready for selling to the customers. They scrutinize meat as it is delivered to ensure that the quality and quantity is correct and rotates it while in storage in order to avoid aging.

Being a meat clerk is not for the squeamish! Some meat clerks are expected to perform advanced cutting procedures which might not be very pleasant for some people. However, if you take this job as a challenge, you may be eligible to fill the position of a meat clerk.


Meat Clerk Resume Sample


Thomas Hardy

447 Johnson Grove Lane, Crownsville, MD 24233
Cell: (999) 999-9999, Email:

**Meat Clerk**

SUMMARY: Energetic meat clerk with a hands-on experience of working in a grocery environment. Expert in analyzing meat and meat products for quality and freshness. Hands on experience in cutting and packing meat for selling purposes. Conversant with maintaining appropriate refrigeration temperatures and humidity levels for meat storage. Well versed in wrapping, scaling and labelling meat products.

• Excellent customer service skills
• Ability to meet performance standards
• Capable of following directions and performing repetitious tasks
• Exceptional organizational skills
• Able to work a flexible schedule


The Meat Company, Crownsville, MD                                     2013 – Present
Meat Clerk

• Receive and prepare meat for selling
• Cut meat into pieces according to predefined instructions
• Pack and label meat appropriately
• Ensure that the quality of meat received from vendors is in accordance to the standards of the company
• Assist in unloading and displaying meat as directed
• Clean and sanitize work areas and cutting and preparation tools
• Rotate meat to ensure freshness
• Garnish and marinate meat in accordance to the company’s guidelines
• Ensure the temperature of refrigerators is correct
• Manage meat products inventory

Major Accomplishments
• Introduced organic meat for health conscious clients resulting in a whooping increase of clientele by 33%
• Placed a quality assurance system engendering procurement of only the best quality meats

ABC Department Srore, Crownsville, MD                                             2011 – 2013
Courtesy Clerk / Bagger

• Assisted customers in locating grocery items
• Stocked shelves with fruits, vegetables and other grocery items
• Provided product information when required
• Assisted in cutting and packaging meat products when needed

Major Accomplishments
• Revamped the shelves in the grocery section, bringing near expiry products at the front to be sold first
• Introduced a quality management system by creating a checklist of things to look out for when receiving fresh produce


G.E.D | Euclid High School, Crownsville, MD – 2011