SEO Resume Sample [+4 Writing Tips]

Updated on: May 5, 2021

A resume for a search engine optimization position is more than a just list of credentials.

It is a self-marketing document that aims at portraying the candidate in a favorable light in the eyes of the prospective employer.

Planning for resume writing is just like planning to write a search engine-friendly webpage.

How to Write a Professional Resume for SEO Job?
  1. To build an effective resume for an SEO job, go through the detailed SEO job description first.
  2. After identifying the exact demands of the prospective employer, make a list of your relevant search engine optimization skills, competencies, and accomplishments
  3. Write short yet descriptive bullet phrases to build a strong profile of your qualifications.
  4. Avoid using any pre-built resume templates available on the internet.

As recruiters go through many resumes on a daily basis, therefore a customized resume will be an excellent choice to help you stand out.

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Below is a sample resume for an SEO Specialist position to guide you further in this regard.

SEO Resume Example

Samuel Fielder
450 Diamond Blvd, Tucson, AZ 65009
(000) 960-8745

Reliably improving websites’ in SERPs.

Tech-savvy and self-reliant SEO with a 6+ years’ track record of reviewing, analyzing, and developing websites for search engine optimization. Well-versed in identifying the content areas that need to improved, deleted, or revised. An action-driven individual who has a demonstrated ability to enhance and modify content optimization strategies. Adept at performing site analysis, keyword research, and mapping. Known for identifying the most relevant and profitable keywords for client sites. Extensive knowledge of white-hat SEO tactics and capable of increasing site authority through natural link building.

• Analytics Tools: Google Analytics, NetInsight, Omniture, WebTrends
• Bid Management Tools: Click Equations, Search Ignite, Marin, Kenshoo
• HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash


SEO Specialist
• Plan and execute a successful PPC campaign resulting in an 80% increase in the web traffic
• Re-optimize 20+ websites reviving, surpassing their initial traffic rates by 50%
• Develop and implement effective SEO strategies for maximum content promotion
• Issue periodic analytic and ranking reports for the clients and management
• Utilize and test PPC data into the SEO strategy and keep it update with contemporary optimization requirements

SEO Associate
• Leveraged web 2.0 sites to publish content with backlinks, doubling the site’s traffic
• Successfully managed campaign expenses which reduced monthly costs by $80000
• Conducted keyword research and selected product-specific keywords for PPC campaigns
• Edited and optimized content to be published on daily basis through inbound link development
• Performed on-page marketing activities and updated promotional banners regularly

BS Degree in Information Technology
Some Technical College, Tucson, AZ – 2009
Major: Web Development

• Landing Page Quality
• Keywords Placement
• Web page Design
• PPC Campaigns
• Mobile Strategies
• Keyword Research
• Backlinks Development
• Social Media Interaction
• Speed Optimization
• Content Management
• Navigation Improvement
• Trends Identification
• Data Analysis
• Meta/Heading Tags
• Offpage/On-page SEO

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