Network Specialists are required to assist implement and troubleshoot networks within an organization. They are responsible for maintaining a network’s identity and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Network specialists are highly skilled individuals and need to hold some college degree in computer networks or in an equal discipline.

When you apply for a job as a Network Specialist, you are supposed to send an appealing cover letter along with your job application. A cover letter for Network Specialist job is important since it introduces you and your job application to a prospective employer and give logical reasons why you are an excellent fit for this position.


Sample Cover Letter for Network Specialist Resume


892 Plains Road South
Moodus, CT 55343

September 9, 2015

Mr. Oliver Brown
Senior Manager (HR)
902 High Path Road
Moodus, CT 66534


Dear Mr. Brown:

Your job description for Network Specialist position on your website has interested me because it perfectly complements my qualifications and experience. As a highly enthusiastic and target oriented individual with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, CCNP certification and one year of related work experience, I have the ability to maximize the efficiency of your network.

My education, certification and practical experience has helped me to polish my technical skills awesomely. I have extensive experience in designing, implementing and maintaining medium to large Cisco and Juniper networks. Moreover, I possess broad knowledge of different protocols, industry specifications and standards which helped me laying complex and workable networks efficiently.

Besides, I am well versed with network designs and architectures that are a necessity when managing both small and large networks. My understanding of complex network devices, appliances and networking design software takes me a long way when working on complex network models.

I am positive that my resume will portray my skills and qualifications in a manner that will warrant an interview with you soon. I will follow up on this letter in a week’s time. Meanwhile, I will be available at (000) 324-0124.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best regards,

Roy Alex

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