6 Computer Support Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 28, 2022

When you apply for a computer support specialist position, you have to focus a little on the future, that is, the interview time.

For this, you need to practice well in advance.

Going through possible questions (and answers) that you may be asked at the interview is a great way of eventually acing it.

Here is a set that you can go through:

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Computer Support Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell us a little about the duties that you have performed in a computer support specialist position?

I have worked as a computer support specialist for 5 years, during which I have managed many duties. Some of these include:

• Setting up and configuring system hardware and software
• Installing and upgrading repairs to hardware, software, peripheral equipment
• Following design and installation specifications in order to handle the proper installation
• Monitoring the daily performance of systems
• Set up equipment and teach employees how to use it
• Provide walkthroughs to assist users in understanding functionality
• Perform maintenance tasks on systems and networks

2. What skills do you possess which make you an excellent person to hire as a computer support specialist?

Apart from my experience in information technology, I have a solid skillset which make me an excellent person to hire for this position. This includes:

• Knowledge of system hardware and software
• Ability to install and maintain software on different platforms
• Expertise in minimizing system downtime, through the implementation of backup systems
• Knowledge of developing training materials, and providing one on one assistance to users

3. What do you find most challenging about this work?

I do not focus on challenges much. I feel that if everything is in order, challenges are few and far between. It all depends on how well you handle your everyday work.

4. Tell us of a time when you did something which meant a significant contribution to your company.

Quite recently, I was tasked with setting up a WAN within 3 days. The work was complicated, but I managed to lay down the network and configure it within the 72 hours that were given to me – just in time for the higher management to make an audit.

5. What is your modus operandi as far as problems are concerned?

Where system problems are concerned, my methods are simple. I check the issues, determine their priority, and then fix them accordingly.

6. What have you planned for your professional future?

I love the work that I am doing right now, and I still have a long way to go.

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