Entry Level Investigator Cover Letter Writing Tips

• Do not write in a dull manner

• Keep your letter short and to the point: do not make it sound like an essay

• Do not re-write your resume in the cover letter: provide more detail on education, skills and knowledge relevant to the Investigator position

• Construct your cover letter professionally: distributed in 3 to 4 paragraphs.

• Do not forget to sign your letter in ink



Entry Level Investigator Cover Letter Sample – No Experience


100 North Riverside
Chicago, IL 60606

Mar 28, 2013

Mr. Alexander Lee
HR Manager
GEICO Florida Special Investigation Unit
P. O. Box 3707
Miami, FL 01206


Dear Mr. Lee:

I am writing to submit my application for the position of Jr. Security Investigator at Florida Special Investigation Unit. After graduating from Northeastern University School of Law (Boston) in June, I am planning to relocate to Miami and therefore I find this job opening very suitable and align well my knowledge and strengths. My resume with three references and legal certifications are enclosed with this application.

The reason why I am primarily attracted to your ‘Special Investigation Unit’ is because of your well-established and respected reputation in the industry of formal investigation which I became familiar with after attending several seminars about application of law and legal investigations conducted by the King County Boston at our university. GEICO therefore, seems to be the best place for me to launch my career while delivering my pertinent skills and capabilities.

My summer internship at the SAS Institute Inc. has refined my academic knowledge and has equipped me with the essential skills required for this position. There, I have developed expertise in assisting the senior investigators at work to investigate all aspects of insurance frauds such as insurance claims and policy fraud issues. My hands-on experience with analytic and business approaches related to fraud detection and technical/business approaches related to data integration within and across government agencies gives me an edge over others. I am very quick and diplomatically capable of establishing strong contacts and networks with local state and federal law enforcement agencies and personnel which will be an added benefit for your firm.

I would be delighted to speak with committee members of GEICO and meet with you personally in an interview. I have enclosed all necessary documents and looking forward to a positive response. To inquire about a meeting time, I will call your secretary next week. If you need any additional information in the intervening time, please call me at (000) 123-1234.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Candice Holley