Background Investigator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: September 4, 2017


You may think otherwise, but interviews are actually great teachers.

If you do not end up being successful at acing one, you are still a success.


Because you get to learn a lot from a previous interview, to prepare for an oncoming one!

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for the position of a background investigator to help you along:



Background Investigator Interview Questions and Answers


What brought you into the field of background investigations?
I have always been curious by nature, and 6 years ago, I decided to put this curiosity to good use. Ever since then, I have been working in this field, and excelling due to the inherent investigative skills that I possess.

And what skills do you boast of in the role of a background investigator?
I am an extremely thorough individual, who leaves no stone unturned when assigned with an investigative project. I am also quite well-versed in communicating effectively with people, to derive information that will help me in doing my work properly. It addition to this, I am greatly analytic, which makes it easy for me to delve deep into the data that I have collected, and come up with refined information, required to close investigations.

Apart from employer-based background investigations, what else have you worked on?
Employer-based investigations are just a small part of what I have done. Apart from these, I have been called upon many times to provide assistance to private investigative companies and government agencies, especially where sensitive situations require thorough background checks.

What is it about this work that you find difficult or challenging?
Working as a background investigator is challenging all through. I would probably not coin it as difficult, because that would signify my inability to handle it – and I can handle all of what is assigned to me. I look at everything as a challenge, no matter the level of difficulty, and have a reputation for coming out shining.

Tell us about your most difficult background investigative case till now.
I was once assigned to check the background of a prospective employee by an organization that was quite bent upon hiring him. After the first check, nothing out of the ordinary came up, but my sixth sense kept telling me that there was something amiss about the person. I took much longer than I usually do on background checks this time, and delved even deeper into his background, and finally found that he had a “hidden” record of workplace battery. I believe that this was the most difficult case that I have worked on, as all (but my instinct) told me that the person was clean!

What are your plans for the future?
I love my work, and would love to train as an investigator for a high profile government agency eventually. At this point, I am still learning the ropes.