Asset Protection Investigator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on September 9, 2017

Asset Protection Investigator interviews are wonderful opportunities for self-analysis. Even if the end result of an interview does not translate into getting you the job, you manage to learn a lot from it.

An unsuccessful interview teaches you what not to do the next time around – and identifies areas where you failed to impress a prospective employer.

The next time around, you automatically work harder to achieve success. So if this interview did not result in a call to join a new organization, the next one will – provided that you learnt something from the previous one.

A set of interview questions and answers for an asset protection investigator position is provided below for your reference:


Asset Protection Investigator Interview Questions and Answers


What encouraged you to apply for an asset protection investigator position?
I have been working as an asset protection investigator for 5 years now, and have found the work to be a complete delight. Knowing fully well that I have great skills in handling this work led me to apply for this position at your organization.

As an asset protection investigator, what were your main job responsibilities in a previous position?
While working as an asset protection investigator, I have been responsible for maintaining the integrity of physical inventory by monitoring reports and audits on a periodic basis, developing storage strategies for merchandizing groups, paperwork controls, and shortage awareness, and working with internal investigators to address both internal and external theft.

What type of a skills set does one need to work successfully at this position?
I believe that being highly analytic is exceptionally important if you want to work as an asset protection investigator. Since one usually finds oneself in a situation where nefarious activities need to be looked into, it is imperative to be able to think logically. Inherent problem-solving skills, and being focused on detail also helps.

What is your take on compliance?
I believe that if all members of a company comply with rules and regulations, there is very little chance that protection of assets will be an issue. Compliance need to be taken into account at all levels.

What is your experience in using security systems and equipment?
I am well-versed in monitoring and operating electronical access control systems, emergency notification equipment, and burglar and fire alarms.

What has been your most difficult theft investigation case till now?
The company where I am presently working faced a dilemma when it couldn’t determine where a large part of its new product range went. There were over 1500 items missing from the first shipment. There were no clues as to who took them, and the management was at edge about the whole problem. It took me and my team 13 weeks to determine that an insider had been selling the new product on the black market, at 6 times the price. This I believe was the longest I took to resolve a problem, due to the fact that the person responsible for this was someone from the higher management!