Background Investigator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 22, 2023

You will not need to worry about your employment future if you have your cover letter sorted out.

There is very little chance of a well-written cover letter going unnoticed. The fact that you paid attention to the “instructions” when applying for a job will go a long way in helping a hiring manager decide that you are indeed the perfect individual to hire as an employee.

Background Investigator cover letters are great communication tools, which if used properly, can do great wonders. When you write a cover letter, your main focus should be to include content that will work in cahoots with what the hiring manager is looking for.

Remember that taking information from cover letter samples that you find sparingly on the Internet, will not do you much favor. If anything, it might backfire, as there is a great chance that the hiring manager has also been through the same one. Stay original – take ideas from the following cover letter sample:

Background Investigator Cover Letter Sample

May 22, 2023

Ms. Tina Red
Human Resource Manager
Investigations Inc.
65 Redemption Road
Rapid City, SD 22278

Dear Ms. Red:

Hoping to secure a Background Investigator position with Investigations Inc., I would like you to go through my resume.

For me, a background investigation is second nature. As a naturally curious individual, I have been quite successful in exploring and opening new avenues and doors for myself to aid my background investigation work over the years. This talent has led me to be part of many cases that I have successfully closed, with exceptional contributions in terms of valuable information.

I have been the choice to hire by many agencies, who believe highly in my ability to discover backgrounds, especially in tricky situations. Not only have I provided my services in performing background checks for prospective employers, but I have also been called upon to assist with police investigations of high-profile natures.

Since I am a thorough individual, I leave no stone unturned to derive the information that I need about a subject (or incident). This talent has also led me to be assigned 3 sensitive cases, in assistance to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

At the end of next week, I will contact your office to see if I can be given an opportunity to further highlight my skills as a background investigator. In the interim, you may reach me if you require any information which may not be part of my resume.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sarah Birmingham

(000) 747-4512