Inventory Control Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 28, 2016

Position Overview

An inventory control specialist is someone without whom a warehouse or retail environment cannot work well. This individual is hired specifically to ensure that all inventory requirements of the company are fulfilled and that processes are run smoothly.

The work of an inventory control specialist is not easy. On the contrary, it is quite complicated as he or she has to perform a lot of coordination work. Making sure that shipments arrive on time, creating storage solutions for incoming items, ensuring that documentation is in order and overseeing order picking work is no easy feat.

Job Requirements

It is important for an inventory control specialist to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very minimum. Some companies may require a business degree but usually, high school education is sufficient. One has to be on one’s feet all the time while working at this position, so physical dexterity is an absolute must. Additionally, one needs to possess exceptional coordination and multitasking skills as there is a lot of work that one has to do simultaneously.

Sample Job Description for Inventory Control Specialist Resume

• Devise and implement core inventory control procedures to meet the specific needs of the company
• Issue supplies, materials and equipment to workers and ensure that all corresponding paperwork is accurately managed
• Oversee order picking duties to ensure that the right type and quantity of items have been picked
• Receive and restock returned merchandise and ensure that any damages or non-conformities are reported or documented
• Conduct periodic cycle counts to ensure that all items are in order and in the right quantities
• Develop storage solutions for inventory items with a view to maximize space
• Organize and maintain warehouse areas to ensure effective material handling
• Fill out order forms and ensure that materials and supplies are procured in a time-efficient manner
• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure accurate and timely delivery of supplies
• Evaluate cost movement of products and review sales reports to estimate stock requirements
• Audit inventory, monitor stock records and compile evaluation reports
• Ascertain that all incoming shipments are properly recorded and stored in designated spaces
• Investigate hitches in the inventory system and troubleshoot problems to ensure minimum downtime
• Set up and implement warehouse schedules including staff duties and shifts
• Confirm that delivered supplies conform to work order specifications, including quantity, condition, model number and type
• Perform periodic safety inspections to ensure that all inventory and warehouse procedures are being carried out according to safety regulations