How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview? Complete Guidance

Updated on: June 18, 2021

Introducing yourself in an interview is by far the most important thing to prepare for before you appear for the process.

There are two tangents to this – the time when you enter the interview room, and when the important question tell me a little about yourself.

Let us begin with the former.

Before Entering The Interview Room

Before you enter the interview room, you must prepare yourself for what is to come. Make sure that you dress professionally.

Ensure that your confidence level is high. You will need to talk to the receptionist as soon as you enter the building, and introducing yourself is important at this time too. Offer your name and the designation that you are applying for, and tell them what time you are due for the interview.

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Initial Introduction

The next step is to introduce yourself to the person who will be taking your interview. A few statements that will help you before, during, and after the initial handshake are provided here:

1. Good morning / hello / hi. My name is Samantha Holmes.
2. It is good to finally see you in person.
3. I am delighted to meet you.
4. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Once the initial introduction is over, you will be seated and then the real process begins.

First Impression

The first question that you may be asked is “Tell me a little about yourself.”

This is where you will either make a good impression or a bad one. In order to do the former, it is important to understand this question in depth.

By asking this question, a hiring manager does not want to know about your hobbies and interests. In fact, they want to determine if you are suitable for the position from the beginning so that they can see which route to take during the rest of the interview.

If you have already introduced yourself with your name, don’t do it again. Here, you will need to tell the hiring manager what your professional skills are – in a nutshell. Concentrating on what you have been doing in the past will help.

A possible answer will be:

I have been working as a marketing manager for 5 years. During this time, I learned much about marketing and outreach work, and I have accomplished quite a lot in this arena.

This answer shows the candidate’s confidence in who they are, and what they can do. It also provides insight into the fact that the candidate has some achievements to boast.

Confidence is key here. Making sure that you rehearse this with great care is imperative to the success of your interview. Remember that the first impression is the last impression!

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