Top 15 Forklift Operator Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: October 16, 2020
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There is no reason to skip writing a Forklift Operator resume summary on your resumes. That is because summary statements provide hiring managers with a hook to hold on to when they read resumes.

For the most part, a resume summary shows information that is important to a hiring manager on many levels. Consequently, it helps them decide whether or not to hire you because of the skills that you highlight in them.

How to Write a Summary Statement for Forklift Operator Resume?

Generally speaking, a summary should not be too long – it is a summary after all – but it still needs to be detailed. Hence, the need to understand how to use the right words and phrases in one.

Besides the fact that resume summaries need to be short, they also need to provide complete information. Or at least information that can be considered sufficient to make a hiring decision possible.

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The following resume summary examples will guide you:

15 Professional Summary Samples for Forklift Operator Resume

1. Top-performing forklift operator with extensive experience in operating complex forklifts. Demonstrated expertise in replenishing pick slots with products from reserves, and maintaining adequate inventory levels. Ability to work collaboratively in hectic warehouse environments.

2. Uniquely qualified Forklift Operator with an excellent comprehension of loading, unloading and picking products and materials using powered lifting equipment. Extraordinarily talented in ensuring a safe work environment, while adhering to policies and procedures.

3. Resourceful individual, with over seven years of experience working in a forklift operator capacity. Effectively able to position forks and lift platforms over or around loaded pallets, skids, boxes, products and materials, and transport loads to designated areas in a safe manner.

4. Exceptionally talented forklift operator, boasting ten years of experience. Documented success in operating motorized equipment and radio frequency scanners to perform stocking activities in a warehouse setting.

5. Passionate forklift operator, with extensive experience in operating complex forklifts and pallet jack to perform product picking and transporting activities. Demonstrated ability to load and unload goods from vehicles such as trucks and aircraft, checking load security, and stacking materials in the correct storage bays following protocols.

6. A highly motivated and competent forklift operator with progressively responsible experience operating counterbalance forklifts. Known to work dedicatedly in high volume work environments, with the complete focus of quality of work and timeliness. A friendly and passionate professional with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

7. An accomplished individual with 9 years of extensive experience in operating and maintaining forklifts. Highly skilled in using titling cab mechanisms to reach difficult-to-pick merchandise. Physically dexterous to lift and move heavyweights. Current forklift certification.

8. Dedicated forklift operator with 5 years’ track record of working in fastpaced and busy warehouse environments. Able to operate different forklifts to perform picking and transporting duties. Well versed with OSHA workplace safety guidelines.

9. Professionally trained forklift operator with an extensive understanding of operating / driving forklifts and powered pallet trucks to assist in order pulling and transporting services. Adept at controlling picking equipment to raise and lower forks safely.

10. Energetic and dexterous forklift operator with extensive experience in operating different forklifts and pallet jacks to handle high rise storage pallet stacking. Exceptionally well-versed at performing picking and packing duties and ensuring the delivery of picked and packed items to delivery trucks efficiently and safely.

11. Highly motivated and competent forklift operator with extensive experience in driving and maneuvering forklifts within a warehouse environment. Well-versed in ensuring safe and efficient operation of the vehicle by ascertaining appropriate preventative maintenance and repair on a regular basis.

12. Dedicated, helpful, and customer service-oriented individual with 4+ years’ hands-on experience in performing order pulling and stacking duties. Able to safely and effectively use standard forklifts within large warehouses.

13. Highly skilled forklift operator with proven abilities in loading and unloading goods from vehicles such as trucks and aircraft using forklifts. Firsthand experience in stacking goods in correct orders and performing daily equipment checks to ensure appropriate maintenance and repair.

14. Forklift operator, known for precision and hard work brought on by intense training within warehouse settings. Demonstrated expertise in handling stock pulling and storage activities according to established company guidelines.

15. Dependable and productive worker with a current forklift license. Proficient in operating and maintaining forklifts and pallet jacks using extreme precision. Highly skilled in using forklifts to perform a variety of duties within a warehouse setting.


You may think a resume summary act as a short cover letter. However, a cover letter has an entirely different purpose than a resume summary.

When you write a forklift operator cover letter, you are attempting to attract the reader to read the attached resume. On the other hand, when you write a resume summary statement, you summarize your professional history.

Resume summaries need to be solid pieces of writing, making your candidature strong for the Forklift Operator position.

Furthermore, you need to write your resume summary in a way that it opens up possibilities for you, making the reader believe that you may be the best contender.

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