Videographer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated December 18, 2016

You can never hope to ace an interview if you do not know exactly why one is conducted. The usual concept is that interviews are conducted to find out how skilled a candidate is. This is only part of the reason. Most interviewers also want to know how well you will fit into their company. So if they ask you a tricky question and you fail to answer according to their expectations, the verdict is probably that you cannot fit in because you have failed to cope. Technically, you may be a viable candidate for the job but it won’t show up in your answer.

But there is no need to worry. Just go through these questions and answers written specifically for a videographer’s interview, to see how well you will do at the actual interview:


Videographer Interview Questions and Answers

What made you pursue a career as a videographer?
For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by visuals. Capturing important / precious moments on camera is a great high for me. Working as a videographer was a natural career choice.

Do you think it is important to obtain a degree to work as a videographer?
I believe that there are many resources available nowadays that can teach one most of what there is to know about videography. However, I still think that a degree in visual communications is important as one gains a more insightful view of the subject.

What is the one skill that you possess which makes it easy for you to work at this position?
I believe that I am highly perceptive. Perception is one attribute that helps greatly when working as a videographer. You get to see things in different lights which means that you can record them aesthetically.

What is the downside to working as a videographer?
While I enjoy my work tremendously and wouldn’t exchange it for anything else, it does get both trying and tiring at times, especially when your actors do not understand or have limitations where their acting abilities are concerned. Sometimes, the long hours, especially in the heat or cold get to me.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far?
I have been a fan of Star Wars since the first time I was introduced to it. When I was called upon to shoot a short but important scene of the new Star Wars movie, I was beyond excited – especially since I was told that I had been chosen because my work showed originality and promise. This I believe to be my biggest accomplishment so far!

What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now?
I expect to be working on film projects – preferably Hollywood!

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