Biotechnologist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: March 5, 2018

No one ever feels entirely comfortable right before an interview. It is only natural.

However, it is essential to make yourself as comfortable as possible so that you do not fall victim to the feelings of uselessness when posed with a question that you are unable to answer.

And this comfort comes with preparation. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of being picked from the lot.

To prepare for an interview for the position of a biotechnologist, refer to the set of interview questions and answers below:



Biotechnologist Interview Questions and Answers


What qualifies you to work as a biotechnologist at our organization?
I have a master’s degree in biotechnology and have been actively working as a biotechnologist for over 6 years now. Apart from common job knowledge, I can apply methodical approaches to work, possess the ability to think logically and analytically, and can handle complex problems with a high presence of mind and urgency.

Give us an overview of what you have done in this role, over the years.
As a biotechnologist, my primary duties involved using biological organisms to create and improve products and processes across a wide array of fields, including agriculture, environmental conservation, and medicine. Typically, my work involved studying the genetic, chemical and physical aspects of cells, tissues, and organisms, and identifying industrial uses for them.

Why did you opt to work in a highly technical field such as this?
I was introduced to biotechnology in high school and had been in awe of the subject until I got a chance to take it up professionally. Now I realize that I have great strengths in it, and have been perusing this line of work for over six years.

What fascinates you the most about this work?
I love the daily challenges that I am presented with, making this work much interesting on a constant basis. Biotechnology is a fascinating subject, with so many tangents, that it is almost impossible for it to be anything but enjoyable.

And what makes it cumbersome?
To be honest, nothing. The work is a delight to its very core, and I have never found it to be anything but informative and interesting.

What area or areas within biotechnology would you eventually want to work in?
I would love to work on both genetic modification and stem cell research, once I am a little more comfortable with the dynamics of biotechnology, as it relates to these two areas.