Environmental Service Aide Interview Questions and Answers

Updated June 23, 2017

An interview is a simple thing, really. All that the employer wants to achieve through an interview is to identify an individual who will become a great employee. Putting your best foot forward is imperative if you too want to be part of an organization that is best suited to your career goals.

However, interviews can go both ways – successful and unsuccessful. The latter situation usually prevails when the candidate has not bothered to prepare well for the process. Do not make this mistake. Do your research properly, to ensure that you are prepared for the questions asked of you.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for an environmental service aide position:


Environmental Service Aide Interview Questions and Answers

What do you feel is the difference between hospital cleaners and environmental service aides?
While both work to meet the same targets, an environmental service aide performs duties that are a little more profound than those that hospital cleaners do. This includes handling sensitive hospital waste and ensuring that it is properly disposed of.

What type of duties have you performed in the role of an environmental service aide?
As an environmental service aide, I have been actively handling cleaning and sanitizing duties within busy hospital environments. This includes performing sweeping and mopping activities, handling dusting and polishing work, removing and disposing off trash and hospital waste, and ensuring that surgical units are properly sanitized and maintained at all times.

What type of a skills set does one need in order to work successfully as an environmental service aide?
I believe that physical dexterity is probably the most important requirement of working as an environmental service aide. In addition to this, it is imperative for people working at this position to understand and be able to carry out cleaning and sanitizing duties, by keeping in mind the safety of people around them. In addition to this, you have to possess deep insight into using and storing cleaning and sanitizing chemicals in a safe manner.

Why did you opt to work as an environmental service aide?
I have always had a thing for cleanliness, and what better place to look at challenges in the face associated with this, than working in an environment where cleanliness is the basic element! Working as an environmental service aide was the natural choice.

As far as auxiliary work is concerned, what is the main job of a person working at this position?
Laundry service is perhaps the main auxiliary work of a person working in the role of an environmental service aide.

Where do you intend to move from here, as far as work hierarchy is concerned?
In a few years from now, I hope to be heading the hospital housekeeping department.

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