Biotechnologist Cover Letter Sample

Updated: March 5, 2018

Your cover letter must not look or feel the same way as the last one you wrote did.

In fact, it should be completely different, even if you have not written to this particular employer before.

Why is that?

There is one solid reason for this. Cover letters need to be “individualized” if you want them to be successful. When you are writing a cover letter, you need to keep only one employer and position in mind.

Each cover letter should have its specific personality, which will allow it to be placed apart from the rest of the cover letters that an employer will receive.

Making sure that yours stands out is important – and not that easy!

The trick is in self-analyzing before writing a cover letter. Unless you know exactly what it is that makes you so great; you cannot communicate it to the hiring manager.

For your reference, a cover letter sample for a biotechnologist position is provided below:


Biotechnologist Cover Letter Example



68 Riverdale Ave
Atlanta, GA 32432

March 5, 2018

Mr. Kenny Lambart
Human Resource Manager
Bosch Global Associates
3020 Peachtree Avenue
Atlanta, GA 85021


Dear Mr. Lambart:

It is not just formal education in biotechnology that makes me an excellent contender to work as a Biotechnologist at Bosch Global Associates. To back up my academic excellence in this area, I offer demonstrated expertise in identifying and presenting improvements to processes and equipment and leading approved projects to completion.

Owing to an extensive exposure in studying and examining the genetic, chemical, physical, and structural composition of cells, tissues, and organisms, you will find out that I can quickly pick up where another biotechnologist has left, ensuring that processes and experiments are led to fruition in a time-efficient manner.

With my ability to genetically modify organisms to make new products on different scales, and exceptional insight into examining the social and ethical concerns raised by communities, I can easily represent your organization behind the scenes, and in front. Designing and developing research studies, developing new research procedures, working with lab technicians on research projects, setting up and using laboratory equipment, and recording findings and analysis is where my strong points lie.

I will be in the vicinity of Peachtree Avenue on Monday and will drop in to see if you are available for a face to face meeting. In the interim, I can be contacted at (000) 586-9656 if any additional information regarding my professional profile is required.




Rachel Ross

Enc: (Resume)