Drug Counselor Resume Sample [+Job Description]

Updated on: March 21, 2023

Drug abuse is one of the most problematic issues in the world. People working as drug counselors have their work cut out for them, as they have to handle so many other issues that have brought abuse into action as well.

But working as a drug counselor can be quite satisfying as one gets to help individuals on many levels, such as rehabilitation, and leading normal lives.

When scrutinizing drug counselor job applications, hiring managers do need to know that you are worth their time and money

If you can convince them that you are an exceptional candidate through a resume, the rest of the path is pretty much smooth sailing.

Here is a resume sample for you to look through:

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Drug Counselor Resume Example

Kyle Mercury
Lakewood, WA
(000) 325-5847
[email protected]


Insightful, dedicated, and resourceful drug counselor, with over 7 years of experience in assessing clients for mental and emotional issues brought on by drug abuse. Highly skilled in performing a full range of treatment services, with a special focus on client wellbeing.

• Demonstrated ability to gather data systematically from clients to determine their conditions.
• Effectively able to develop, implement, and evaluate chemical dependency education programs for each client.
• Qualified to document clients’ progress through counseling and interaction on a one-on-one, and group basis.
• Competent in educating clients in all aspects of treatment, and steps to recovery.

• Client Assessment • Plan Development
• Progress Reporting • Abuse Reporting
• Intake Handling • Treatment Plans
• Emergency Intervention • Counseling Sessions
• Case Management • Plan Modification

• Implemented a series of substance abuse education programs, considered highly successful by the client body.
• Held 4 seminars on mental health issues due to drug abuse, at the World Mental Health Convention in New York.
• Saved a suicidal patient’s life during a session, by intervening before he had a chance to harm himself.
• Introduced a unique evaluation system at the facility, which concentrated on diagnosing a dual mental disorder, brought on by certain drugs.


Drug Counselor
Streamwood Hospital, Lakewood, WA
11/2013 – Present
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their mental and emotional conditions.
• Interview family members to decipher issues that led to drug abuse, and other medical conditions.
• Perform intake sessions to obtain client information, ensuring that it is properly recorded.
• Create, develop, and implement individualized treatment plans for each client, based on his or her requirements.
• Arrange for external help such as additional counseling, or psychiatric evaluations to be made possible.
• Evaluate each client’s ability to cope with treatment, concentrating on tweaking plans as and when required.
• Intervene in potentially explosive situations about suicidal tendencies and self-harm motivation.
• Document all treatment modules and outcomes, and ensure that any significant issues are highlighted.

Assistant Drug Counselor
Center Point, Lakewood, WA
2/2009 – 11/2013
• Provided support to counselors by handling intake and documentation work.
• Assisted by engaging clients in conversation to determine their specific problems.
• Lightly counseled clients to give them hope in recovering from their conditions.
• Ensured the well-being and safety of clients when engaging them in therapy.
• Assisted counselors in implementing treatment plans, and evaluating clients regularly.

Master’s Degree in Psychology
Washington State University, Lakewood, WA – 2008

Drug Counselor Job Description for Resume

  • Greet clients in a positive and upbeat manner and engage them in conversation to determine their mindsets and personalities.
  • Perform intakes and assessments to determine the cause and history of drug abuse.
  • Identify actual issues hidden behind substance abuse, ensuring that any family or societal pressures are brought to the forefront.
  • Determine the type of treatment and medical intervention required for each case, and work with physicians to implement treatments.
  • Counsel clients about coping mechanisms, providing them with insight into how to say no to drug offers.
  • Refer clients to support groups, encouraging them to talk about their fears and hopes.
  • Engage family members in conversation to provide them with information on how to handle their loved ones through their difficult times, both physically and emotionally.
  • Create and maintain reports of each assigned client, and his or her progress, and provide feedback on additional interventions and support needs.
  • Provide both individual and group counseling, and facilitate didactic groups.
  • Document treatment and discharge plans, and ensure that clients’ progress and responses are properly recorded in their charts.
  • Perform case management work, and provide insight into case monitoring activities.

Position Requirements

Working as a drug counselor requires a degree in psychology or social work. Depending on which state you want to work within, you will need to possess a certification according to its requirements. Doing this work is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Since the work is complex on many levels, only people who have the right frame of mind can manage it. It is almost impossible not to get emotionally involved in this work, which is why people who have strong minds can manage this work effectively.

To be able to successfully work as a drug counselor, it is important that you possess some personality traits such as patience and compassion. If you like working with people and have an inherent passion to help them, this is the work for you.

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