Position Overview

Adjunct instructors work as temporary staff members at universities in anticipation of securing a permanent position. They are not considered career educators as they are not trained to be educators and often venture into this profession after working in their specialized field for some time.

An employer looking for an adjunct instructor may need the candidate to send in a resume looking like this:

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Adjunct Instructor Resume Example


Brett Stuart

652 Blue Spruce Drive, Euless, TX 44443
(999) 219-9999, Email

To obtain a Finance Adjunct Instructor position with the Texas State University. Bringing exceptional skills in financial management and proven ability to impart information in a meticulous and professional manner.

• Functional knowledge of implementing curriculum in accordance with modern teaching methodologies
• Excellent grasp of making administrative and procedural decision based on sensitivity and judgment
• Hands on experience of employing a range of suitable strategies to foster student learning
• In depth knowledge of revising and updating course materials on a regular basis

• Demonstrated knowledge of higher education experience
• Excellent communication skills
• Expert in online educational delivery tools
• Knowledge of modern teaching methods and their application
• Able to manage classroom in terms of student behavior and management
• Excellent multitasking skills

• Compiled an array of financial information data which was used in the designing of new finance curriculum
• Initiated a student fostered curriculum which worked with available student data to design and implement individual based curriculum


September 2010 – Present
Nashville University of Financial Management – Euless, TX
Adjunct Instructor

• Develop and provide students with financial management syllabus
• Organize and revise course materials on a regular basis
• Model effective oral and written communication in order to engage students effectively
• Set clear course expectations
• Evaluate student performances
• Participate in university activities relevant to student indulgence

Texas State University – Euless, TX
Masters of Science in Financial Management – 2008
GPA: 3.7