6 Human Resources (HR) Associate Interview Questions and Answers

Updated October 27, 2022
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Think of interviews as adventures and you’ll actually look forward to them. When you embark on the interview journey, you’re doing a lot to discover what your worth is. Knowing the process inside out helps tremendously.

The HR associate interview process is simple. You sit across the table from a prospective employer and answer questions. For you to make a good impression, you must completely know what the interviewer wants you to answer. And then deliver exactly what he is asking.

Here are some common HR associate interview questions, along with appropriate answers.

Human Resources Associate Interview Questions and Answers

1. What point in your life served to be a deciding point in taking up a career as an HR associate?
During the course of my business degree program, I figured that I was much interested in this area. This coupled with my ability to work well with people, sort out their problems and effectively manage core HR functions decided for me that I wanted to work as a human resource associate.

2. What have been your duties in a human resource associate position in your previous or present job?
As a human resource associate, I have been responsible for handling staff scheduling duties, interviewing and hiring work, training, induction, and orientation of new employees, payroll and accounting support for assigned departments, conflict management, and benefits administration work.

3. Speaking of conflict, tell us of a time when your intervention in a difficult situation saved the day.
The human resource department of the company where I am presently working received a complaint from a female employee about a fellow male employer sexually harassing her. Oddly enough, there was no proof against the person. So much so that the department had decided to let the whole thing drop. I did some investigation and collected enough evidence to prove that the female employee was right in her claims.

4. What is the toughest part of working in the human resource department of an organization?
Finding the right employees is perhaps the most difficult part of working in this capacity.

5. And the easiest would be?
Well, all work processes within a human resource department are quite challenging. But I do find people contact to be quite enjoyable!

6. What are your long-term career plans?
Within a few years, I hope to have learned and accomplished enough to be eventually promoted to the position of human resource director. And I am working diligently toward this goal.