Private Housekeeper Skills List for Resume

Updated on: May 16, 2021

The skills section on a housekeeping resume is all-encompassing.

Imagine yourself as the hiring manager – how would a list of perfectly constructed sentences that depict a candidate’s abilities affect you? You will undoubtedly be impressed. There is one catch here though.

Skills should be position-specific. If you are a cook, your skills will lie in cooking world cuisines. And if you are a teacher, your skills may lie in teaching progressive lessons.

Some experts suggest that skills should be listed in bullet points and examples are given to back them up. So if you make two columns and write your skills in one and examples of them in the other, you will be able to be articulated in what you want to say.

But this method may or may not be welcome by the hiring manager, so unless you are absolutely sure that this will be looked at kindly, do not write your skills this way. The safest way is to simply list your skills in an articulate manner.

Here is how skills can be mentioned in a private housekeeper resume:

Private Housekeeper Skills List for Resume

• Track record of efficiently and effectively cleaning rooms, bathrooms, halls, and living areas.
• Expert in cleaning the interior and exterior of large houses by concentrating on the delivery of exceptional service.
• Hands-on experience in food preparation and cooking according to pre-decided recipes and menus.
• Proficient in handling household inventory and ensuring that groceries and other household items are procured in a timely manner.
• Adept at managing laundry work by efficiently washing clothes and linen and ensuring that they are ironed and put away in appropriate storage spaces.
• Documented success in managing large events such as birthday parties and pre and post0event parties by coordinating all aspects such as catering and decoration.
• Proficient in rotating seasonal clothing in closets and maintaining pantry functions in a time-efficient manner.
• Skilled in running errands such as grocery shopping and picking up / dropping children to their schools and other activities.
• Competent at doing minor repairs and maintenance work around the house such as changing light bulbs and performing maintenance on kitchen appliances.