Private Housekeeper Job Description for Resume

Updated on: November 5, 2015

Position Overview

With most members within a family striving to make ends meet by working outside the house, the need for dedicated private housekeepers has increased in recent years. Private housekeepers work within people’s homes, where they are required to handle housekeeping tasks such as cleaning, washing, cooking and running errands. These individuals may be hired by firms who provide private housekeeping services or hired individually by the family looking for their services. In either case, they perform the same duties.

People hiring private housekeepers need to make sure that the ones they hire, are trustworthy and efficient. Since most people leave their homes at the disposal of housekeepers, it is important to gauge if the individual is a good fit. As a private housekeeper, you will have to be dependable and extremely efficient. You will need to be punctual as household members will depend on you to arrive on time so that they can leave for work. You will also need to be knowledgeable about basic and advanced household management duties.


To work at this position, you need not possess more than a high school diploma or a GED. However, you will need to be exceptionally trained in handling housekeeping duties, so previous experience or dedicated training will be considered a plus point.

Some of the duties that you will be performing as a private housekeeper include:

Private Housekeeper Job Description for Resume

• Confer with household members to determine their specific housekeeping needs and make a correlating list
• Perform cleaning duties such as sweeping and mopping in bedrooms, living rooms and halls
• Wash and sanitize bathrooms using safe mixtures of cleaning liquid and disinfectants
• Vacuum and shampoo carpets and ensure that they are properly dried out before reinstalling them
• Clean and disinfect kitchen counters and handle utensils washing and drying duties
• Polish wood furniture and brass and silver fixtures and ensure that they are dusted on a regular basis
• Change light bulbs and perform maintenance on kitchen equipment such as microwaves, fridges and cooking ranges
• Prepare meats, vegetables and fruits for cooking purposes and ensure that they are properly stored
• Create menus and recipes according to each house member’s individual taste and nutritional needs
• Cook food according to planned daily menus and make sure that it served and stored in a timely manner
• Run errands such as paying utility bills and shopping for groceries
• Ascertain that the house is properly secured / locked during the time that household members are away