Housekeeper Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated January 2, 2021
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The term “housekeeper” is used to describe an individual who is responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of a hotel, hospital, or house.

Housekeepers are popular employees in all industries. Large households, hotels, and hospitals need the help of a housekeeper to make sure that everything is in order. Not to mention, their work is extremely important and the role is interesting, to say the least.

Housekeeper Job Description

Housekeepers make sure that hallways, sitting/dining areas, bathrooms, and guest rooms are all kept clean on a constant basis. They dust and polish furniture, empty wastepaper baskets, and ashtrays and also replenish supplies such as tissue papers and soap.

Typically, they are supervised by a housekeeping supervisor.

Depending on the extent of duties that they are responsible for, they may be required to handle some repair work as well, but this is usually on a minor scale. At times, they are also required to help in the kitchen, especially during busy hours or holiday seasons.


The following is an example of a job description for the position of housekeeper.

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Job Duties for Housekeeper Resume

• Clean, mop, and dust the corridors, hallways, and rooms on the assigned floors.

• Sweep floors of lobbies, sitting areas, and rooms.

• Vacuum and wash carpets and ensure that they are dried properly using appropriate equipment.

• Wash bathrooms using designated equipment and cleaning and disinfecting agents.

• Dust and polish furniture and use emollients to restore them.

• Make beds in guest rooms, turn mattresses, and ensure that sufficient pillows and blankets are available.

• Coordinate efforts with laundry personnel to ensure that dirty bedsheets are taken away and clean ones are delivered.

• Deliver and retrieve items on loan to guests such as television sets, mattresses, irons, and ironing boards.

• Respond to guests’ calls for housekeeping services.

• Sort, count, and maintain clean linen to be stored properly.

• Hang curtains and adjust and dust window blinds.

• Arrange and move furniture and replace burnt out light bulbs.

• Take requests for picking up laundry for cleaning purposes and issue receipts.

• Polish floors, clean spills and ensure that surfaces are safe to walk on.

• Prepare guest rooms as soon as guests leave to make them ready for the next one.

• Ensure proper sanitary conditions and sanitation on the floor.

• Take out trash from all rooms and offices.

• Maintain hot tubs for rooms that are inhabited.

• Replenish room supplies like water and glasses, as well as bathroom supplies such as toilet paper, soap, and shampoo in bathrooms.

• Vacuum and shampoo the rugs and carpets.

• Regularly polish the door handles and decorative items that need polishing.

• Keep the entire floor disinfected by regular fumigation and sprays of insecticides.

• Use cleaning mixtures and solutions in the right proportion where and when required.

• Clean the balconies and terraces on the assigned floor.

• Supervise processing of laundry items, and timely return of clean, ironed, and folded laundry.

• Provide fresh towels, soaps, toiletries, etc. in all rooms.

• Assist in decorations and changing of set design for special events and functions at the lodges.

• Wash and neatly put away the cleaning material at the end of the cleaning.

• Report to the management daily and identify any repairs needed in any of the rooms on the assigned floor.

• Respond to any queries/ orders placed by the guests and communicate with other departments regarding the guest’s requirements.

Housekeeper Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Knowledge of routine housekeeping chores

• A presentable neat and clean appearance

• Able to multitask and prioritize tasks

• Strong communication skills, hospitality, and courtesy etiquette

• Demonstrated ability to count, read simple English, and maintain a record of laundry 

• Physically fit and active, able to bend, carry a load and stand for long periods of time

• Knowledge of operation of basic cleaning devices including vacuum cleaners and washing machines

Purpose of a Housekeeper Job Description

A housekeeper Job description is a formal document containing a list of general responsibilities, qualifications, desired education, and experience, etc. associated with a housekeeping job.

Job descriptions come in handy when an employer is seeking a suitable candidate for a particular position. On the other hand, it is also useful for candidates.

Being a critical document, that not only intervenes the selection process of candidates but also the candidate’s perception of the job he/she is applying for, job descriptions need to be composed tactfully.

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