4 Private Housekeeper Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 16, 2021

The purpose of a private housekeeper job interview is two-fold: the interviewer needs to find out if you are a good candidate for the job and you need to find out if it is a good opportunity for you.

The interviewer asks questions to gauge if you have the appropriate background which includes education, skills, and experience, and to figure out if you have the expertise needed to make you stand out from the crowd. Some questions may even be aimed at determining if you are able to learn and adapt.

You will be judged on several things during an interview. These will include determining if you really want to work for the company or if you are using it as a stepping stone.

Your motivation and eagerness to learn will also be judged. So if you want to come across as someone who can fit in properly and can work well with others, try to make it sound this way when answering questions.

There are several things that you will need to find out before you appear for a private housekeeper interview:

• How long has the company existed?
• Who are the company’s major competitors?
• What type of services does the company provide?
• What geographic areas are covered?
• Where are the company’s assets and its earnings?
• Does the company have any offshore offices?

Yes, all these will be important as you will be judged on your research skills and knowledge. Some questions that you may be asked at an interview for a private housekeeper position are given below:

Private Housekeeper Interview Questions and Answers

1. The reputation of our company as a placement agency for private housekeepers is exceptional. How would you make sure that you keep it this way?

I am a stickler for perfection, which means that I strive for excellence no matter where I work. As soon as I am hired, I will delve deeper into your company’s policies and procedures and ensure that I keep its reputation up by working according to the specified instructions.

2. Working as a private housekeeper is a very personal thing. How do you handle your work as one?

Working inside someone’s home is indeed personal. I am a discreet individual and believe in keeping things confidential. I have a non-interfering attitude and do exactly as I am told to.

3. What have been your duties as a private housekeeper in your previous job(s)?

As a private housekeeper, I have been responsible for handling a huge array of duties including cleaning, mopping, sweeping, and washing. I have also been responsible for cooking and laundry and ensuring that the house is kept secure at all times. Running errands such as paying bills and grocery shopping was also part of my work.

4. Is supervision part of your job as a private housekeeper?

The supervision aspect of this job actually depends on where I am placed. If it is a large household, I usually have to assume a supervisory role. If not, I work as a solo housekeeper.