EVS Tech Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 12, 2015

Employers do not look for letters that just describe the candidate in favorable light for the role at hand these days. Instead, they look for letters that speak to them about their needs and directly communicate what exactly the candidate can do to resolve the company’s current issues.

This calls for a lot of research on part of the candidate. If you are thinking to address the employer’s needs, you should know them first. So, make some extra effort and take out some time to find out about their present challenges. In your letter, directly address the main issues the firm you aspire to be a part of is facing, since such effort usually pays off.


EVS Tech Cover Letter Sample


Joan Gilchrist

540 Wesley Square • Anaheim, CA 45663 • (005) 333 – 4444 • joan . gilchrist @ email . com

September 12, 2015

Mr. Edward Gates
HR Manager
566 South East Bay
Anaheim, CA 45663


Dear Mr. Gates:

❖ Are you seeking an enthusiastic, proactive team member who is experienced in environmental service?

❖ Do you require a dynamic and goal oriented individual with strong desire to succeed in the given role and also lead others to success?

❖ Could MARCY hospital utilize the services of a competent and qualified EVS Tech with track record of meeting and exceeding hygiene and sanitation standards for maintenance of public access places?

If yes, then look no further. My enclosed resume details the professional expertise I bring which is in synchronization with the requirements enlisted in your job advertisement for an EVS specialist cited at indeed.com yesterday.

Taking initiative has always been my career focus. I fully take the responsibility for the tasks assigned to me, hold an excellent work ethic and strive to do my best in every situation. Well versed in HIPPA issued Health administration and infection control guidelines applicable to medical settings, I am proud to state that my department has always exceeded these requirements and my previous employers highly commended my sincere and fruitful efforts in maintaining highest possible standards of hygiene and sanitation in hospital corridors, wards and isolation rooms.

In addition to being an expert in Environmental service, my friendly, polite and patient oriented attitude towards work has been an asset to me in this role. I held positive relations and strong interaction with colleagues, management and patients at my previous workplace and offer the same courteous etiquette coupled with extensive knowledge regarding EVS to MARCY hospital. I can’t wait to start making a valuable contribution in the quality of environmental services being delivered by your team at present.

I would like to see you in an interview and elaborate the suitability of my candidacy in relevance to the advertised position further and I shall follow up this letter coming Monday. In case you wish to speak earlier, feel free to contact me any time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Joan Gilchrist

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