Entry Level Merchandiser Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 12, 2015

And now we come to writing cover letters for an entry level merchandiser position! Cover letters are a horror for many of us – entry level or not! For merchandisers who are writing a cover letter for the first time, there is a lot that they need to learn. The first thing is that a cover letter is not an ordinary letter. It has a specific purpose and that is to make sure that the hiring manager is intrigued enough to read the resume that accompanies it.

An entry level merchandiser resume depends on a cover letter to make it come alive. So it only makes sense to make sure that your cover letter is exceptionally well written. Coming to actual cover letter writing, you have to make sure that it tells great stories about you and your personality. Think of a cover letter as a window into your personality – one that can work both ways by providing a prospective employer insight into who you are and what you can do, and one that can open up doors to great opportunities for you.

So put on your thinking cap, open up that Word document and begin writing your cover letter. To give you an example, here is a cover letter for an entry level merchandiser resume:


Entry Level Merchandiser Cover Letter Sample


Jillian Holmes
689 Pine Street
North Andover, MA 75656
(000) 523-6478
j.holmes @ email . com

September 12, 2015

Mr. Robert Richmond
Hiring Manager
Del Monte Fresh Produce
3948 Ash Street
North Andover, MA 73644


Dear Mr. Richmond:

My alma mater (North Andover Business School) had prepared me extremely well for a merchandiser position at Del Monte Fresh Produce. And this claim is not hollow – owing to a 6 week internship that I did for your company (which was incidentally where my school placed me last year), I believe that I will require little training if hired.

If you are looking to hire someone who will be an instant asset to you, I request you to go through my following qualifications:

• Working knowledge of preparing sales and stock plans and planning product ranges
• Proficient in controlling stock levels based on seasonal forecasts of sales
• Competent at maintaining awareness of competitors’ performance and producing workable layout plans for stores
• Proven ability to execute special promotional campaigns with a view to boost sales

Being aware of the corporate culture that Del Monte Fresh Fruit encourages (and correlating expertise in merchandizing), I am positive that this liaison will work marvelously. I will be in touch for an interview time soon and can be reached at (000) 523-6478.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jillian Holmes

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