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EVS Tech Cover Letter Sample

Joan Gilchrist540 Wesley Square Anaheim, CA 45663 (000) 333-4444joan . gilchrist @ email . com April 4, 2021 Mr. Edward GatesHR ManagerMarcy Hospital566 South East BayAnaheim, CA 45663 Dear Mr. Gates: Are you seeking an enthusiastic and proactive team member who is experienced in environmental service? Do you require a dynamic and goal-oriented individual with a… Read More »

EVS Tech Job Description, Duties, and Tasks

EVS Technician Position Overview and Scope EVS – environmental services technicians – are usually hired by hospitals where cleaning is a constant challenge. They are responsible for the overall cleanliness and sanitization of all areas within the hospital. While there are regular housekeepers to handle this work, the job of an EVS technician is more… Read More »