Housekeeping Cover Letter for Hospital

Cover letters for hospital housekeeping positions are a great way of communicating your skills to a prospective employer in a professional manner. Since a letter is read before a resume, thus has the potency to assist the reader in deciding what to do about a resume – read it or file it away! Contrary to what people believe about a cover letter being redundant, it is actually a lethal weapon that can be used to gain employment.

What does a good cover letter include? To understand this, let us take an example of a cover letter written for a housekeeping job in a hospital. Since housekeeping needs in a hospital are much more profound than in any other organization owing to the need for sanitation at all times, a cover letter written for this purpose has to be much more than a regular cover for a housekeeping resume. The cover letter sample below will tell you how one can be written for this position.


Sample Cover Letter for Hospital Housekeeping Resume


8 Gaitside Road
Willoughby, OH 44019

April 30, 2014

Mr. Neil Norman
Manager Human Resources
Health One
726 Wrenwood Avenue
Willoughby, OH 55813


Dear Mr. Norman:

As a practical and efficient individual with a solid track record of handling the housekeeping needs of the likes of Willoughby Family Hospital and Sugar Land Surgical Hospital over a span of twelve years, I now offer my knowledge and experience to Health One in the capacity of housekeeper.

While the enclosed resume will provide you with a more detailed view of my housekeeping experience, I would like to take this opportunity to specify the particular skills that I possess in this arena. I pride myself at my capability of making hospitals an attractive place by employing cleaning and servicing activities that bring about an aseptic and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors. As the head of housekeeping in Sugar Land Surgical Hospital, I was focused on identifying and meeting the maintenance needs of the establishment. My training has taught me the ability to differentiate between trash and hazardous materials or medical waste and I am very particular when handling disposing-off duties of either.

These capabilities coupled with my extensive housekeeping and supervisory experience can pose as a great benefit to Health One. I would like to discuss this with you for which I will call you after a week to ask for a convenient meeting time. Please feel free to contact me at (004) 444-4444 if you need to speak to me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Berta Charles

Berta Charles

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