Hospitality Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on December 8, 2014

Hospitality industry is a demanding one and a position in sales is even more so. A hospitality sales manager is responsible for enhancing clientele of a certain hospitality service provider which demands excellent convincing power. A cover letter is your marketing tool, your chance to convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate for this job. What better chance can you get for demonstrating your convincing power?

Take the task just like any other sales task. Your first step should be to find out about your audience, the prospective employer in this case. Find out what skills and qualifications they are buying and then sell those in your cover letter.

Below is a hospitality sales manager cover letter sample for your guidance.


Hospitality Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample


Kyle Nelson
408 NW Ave • San Francisco, CA 56909 • (007) 444-5555 • kyle @ email . com

December 8, 2014

Mr. Hans Gilbert
HR Manager
77 Lilly Road
San Francisco, CA 56909


Dear Mr. Gilbert:

As they say: ‘In today’s world, there are only two kinds of companies, the quick and the dead.’ Presuming the same is true for Hospitality sales mangers, I belong to the first kind. Please accept my enclosed resume for your advertised vacancy of a Hospitality Sales Manager.

As a dynamic sales management professional with proven team building skills, I bring a track record of consistently exceeding sales targets within the hospitality industry. Committed to highest standards of customer service and facilitation, I currently thrive in the global hospitality market. During the past few years, I have held direct responsibility for grooming and developing a sales team of 30+ and have never let my employers down. Being a result-driven professional and an excellent team builder who settles for nothing less than ‘profitable’, my team has always exceeded the annual set sales targets by minimum 30%

Dedicated to doing whatever it takes to achieve outstanding sales targets, I can’t wait to lead your sales team with tight deadlines and chunked sales targets to attain the broader goal of enhancing your hospitality sales. In short, I will not let you down and my outstanding references will verify these claims.

Please review my enclosed resume and issue me an interview appointment which will enable me to establish and communicate the direct impact I can make at Heaven resorts in capacity of a hospitality sales manager. I will follow up with you next week. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Kyle Nelson

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