Sample Cover Letter for Restaurant Manager Position

Updated: July 30, 2021

People can work in a number of capacities within a restaurant. The roles that they can assume range from managerial positions to server positions. The basis of all restaurant positions is one – customer satisfaction!

While writing a covering letter for a restaurant position, tailor it to an exact job title and restaurant, to show you’ve done your necessary research before preparing your job application package.

Let us have a look at an example cover letter for the post of Restaurant Manager here.

Restaurant Cover Letter Sample

July 30, 2021

Ms. Barbara Blain
Food Hub
736 Baker Road
Kenai, AK 77726

Dear Ms. Blain:

This letter is concerning the Restaurant Manager position at Food Hub that was recently advertised in The Tribune. Since the job description that you have supplied in the ad matches closely with my professional profile, I would like to offer my services to contribute to your continuing success.

I am a highly committed and passionate individual with seven years of leadership experience working as a Manager at Kinsley Food Court. Holding a supervisory role is not an easy job. However, I have perfected it to the extent that I now possess the capability of managing every aspect of the restaurant business. From coordinating activities between the kitchen area and the customer area to overseeing accounts, I have the business acumen to do it all.

My people skills have been commended many times as I can work closely with suppliers and customers alike. Possessing a friendly demeanor and strong leadership skills, I have had the opportunity to start restaurant businesses from the very beginning and taking them to successful heights within the industry.

My ability to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and maintaining the restaurant’s image will go a long way to prove to be beneficial to Food Hub. I am enclosing my resume as a first step in the job application process and will call you after two weeks to follow up on it. Meanwhile, if you need to contact me, I’ll be available at (000) 707-7217.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Janet Burke

Enc. Resume