Painter Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 11, 2018

Consider your cover letter as an umbrella for your resume. Without it, the resume may not do too well in case inclement weather (read that as prospective employer’s distaste) prevails.

If your resume is not up to the mark, the cover letter can take matters into its hands, and handle the situation. But if both cover letter and resume are not great reads, you will have a problem.

Remember that cover letters are not written so that they can sit on top of a resume and look pretty. They offer (or should offer) a lot of information on why you should be considered as the right person to hire for a particular job. When you write one, your focus should be on what your capabilities are, and how you can use them to benefit the person reading your cover letter. Everything else is secondary.

To see how you can write a cover letter to apply for a painter assistant job, have a look at the following sample:


Painter Assistant Cover Letter Example


August 11, 2018

Mr. Gregory Anderson
Human Resource Manager
Northwest Painting Services
100 Red Herring Avenue
High Point, NC 75312


Dear Mr. Anderson:

As a painter apprentice, I learned to do the job, keeping quality in mind. And as a painter assistant, I learned how to enjoy it. Owing to the fact that I enjoy my work immensely, and I am exceptionally talented at it, I would like to offer my services in this role. Please refer to the enclosed resume for further details on my expertise, and experience in this regard.

I have worked in a painter assistant capacity for over 2 years, and would now like to provide excellence in my work to Northwest Painting Services. Knowing fully well that I can handle even the most intricate paint jobs with exceptional skill and competency, I am confident that my addition to your team will be a fruitful event. As a painter assistant, I have been actively providing support to painters, by ensuring that the right tools and supplies are available, assisting with complex paint jobs by actually handling painting activities, filling holes and cracks using the right materials, and performing end-work quality control activities.

It would be a pleasure to meet with you in person and provide you with a broader overview of my abilities and experience in the role of a painter assistant. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Sam Neil

Enc: (Resume)