Electrical Technician Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: July 8, 2016

The term ‘resume objective’ is quite self-explanatory. The objective is written to define the goal of a resume. And that of the applicant as well. Resume objectives cannot be done without as not using one will mean that you will open your resume in an abrupt fashion. And abruptness is not considered a professional thing.

It is a fact that objectives have recently gained popularity and were not part of a resume until too long ago. However, the importance of a resume objective cannot be undermined. When it was “not in fashion”, no employer required it. But since it has been introduced, it has made a significant contribution to the overall viability of a resume.

Go through a dozen of electrical technician resume samples and you will see that even the ones written in not such an eloquent manner, still have an objective decorated at the top. It is a necessity. So how would you go about creating a resume objective that exemplifies you as the perfect candidate for a job? Think along the lines of “I am what you want me to be”. Showing that you are the perfect match for a job is what a resume objective is all about.
Here is how this can be done:

Electrical Technician Resume Objective Examples

• Highly motivated Electrical Technician seeking an opportunity to work for Hyper Loop, providing benefit of expertise in installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems and components.

• Dedicated Electrical Technician with over 6 years of experience in scheduling and planning electrical installations and maintenance, looking for a position at MetalTek International. Able to effectively read schematics to determine wiring installation methods, along with a great ability to troubleshoot system problems.

• An expert Electrical Technician seeking an opportunity at Amtrax employing deep insight into performing a wide variety of skilled preventative and routine electrical equipment maintenance, along with expertise in providing electrical troubleshooting support to customers.

• Desire an Electrical Technician position at Lockheed Martin. Offering expertise in assembling, installing, testing and maintaining electrical and electronic wiring, equipment and appliances.

• Eager to work as an Electrical Technician with Hose Master. Bringing 5+ years’ verifiable track record in diagnosing electrical malfunctions, by using a variety of diagnostic tools and equipment. Able to advise and assist with upgrades and replacements, placing focus on safety and effectiveness of installed system.

• A meticulous and dedicated Electrical Technician with solid expertise in testing electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring by using devices such as voltmeters and oscilloscopes. Looking for a position at Enel Green Power providing benefit of technical proficiency and experience.