9 Surgical Technologist Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 15, 2021

High achievers, quick adapter, relationship-builder, and determined worker are all soft skills of a surgical technologist.

However, merely stating that you are a high achiever or a determined worker may not cut it for a hiring manager who is looking for details on how you achieved something and what makes you so determined. This information needs to be communicated to the hiring manager so that he can gauge exactly what makes you tick in a professional role.

Skills make us who we are as professionals. Each one of us has a unique skill that we can use to perform the work that will define our careers. But only we know what it is. Employers need to be told through a resume, by charting the whole thing out in detail – in a dedicated hard skills section.

It is important to reach out to a hiring manager by making sure that the most important job-related skills are mentioned first, and minor ones, or those that you do not use any longer, are done away with.

Skills statements persuade the hiring manager to take notice of your resume. As a matter of fact, resumes are not exactly great reads and inspire little interest from hiring managers who have to go through dozens of them. Help them by providing just the right skills information to aid them in deciding quickly.

For a surgical technologist trying to determine how to write skills in his resume, here is a list of example statements:

Sample Hard Skills for Surgical Technologist Resume

1. Demonstrated expertise in preparing surgical rooms for cases by sterilizing and supplying equipment.

2. Special talent for preparing patients for surgery by washing incision sites, ensuring all sterilization methods are taken into account.

3. Proficient in picking the right instruments and passing them on to surgeons during the course of each surgery.

4. Highly experienced in facilitating the safe and effective conduct of invasive operating procedures.

5. Adept at ensuring that the operating room environment is safe and that all equipment and instruments function properly.

6. Deeply familiar with maximizing patient safety by ensuring that all surgical procedures are conducted in a safe and sterile environment.

7. Track record of effectively and efficiently setting up sterile tables with instruments, supplies, and equipment particular to each surgical procedure.

8. Proven ability to correctly prepare sterile dressings and assist in dressing incisions and wounds.

9. Competent at anticipating surgeons’ needs during surgeries and ensuring that they are met in a prompt fashion.