Surgical Technologist Resume Sample

Updated on: November 6, 2015

There is a lot that you can get away with where resume writing is concerned. However, there are some mistakes that are unforgivable. Certain buzzwords that you deem perfect to describe yourself, may actually be hindering your chances at landing a job. Some employers are of the opinion that describing yourself as “hardworking” is the worst offender. And saying that you are a “team player” is much too obvious.

For people who have applied for a job but never heard back, you might want to continue reading this. Thanks to an array of buzzwords, your resume may be considered top notch (by you) but if you haven’t heard back, it means there is a problem somewhere. Perhaps these buzzwords are the problem. But some employers like clichéd buzzwords too, so you might find yourself in a quandary about what to do. If possible, find out who will be reading your resume and use your collection of buzzwords accordingly.

The following sample resume for a surgical technologist position will help you determine how to create a resume using buzzwords:


Surgical Technologist Resume Sample


David Smith

22 Grove Park● La Place ● LA 70236 ● (999) 434-9999 ● davesm @ email . com


Professionally trained surgical technologist with a progressive experience in handling pre and post-surgery surgeon support duties. Track record of successfully assisting with life-saving procedures and ensuring the overall harmony between surgeon and patient.

• Demonstrated expertise in preparing surgical and treatment rooms by ensuring that all equipment and instruments are available
• Competent at determining surgeons’ needs during surgical procedures and providing them with needed resources
• Proficient in anticipating patients’ requirements before and after surgical procedures and fulfilling them in order to keep them comfortable
• Focused on verifying operative procedures with surgical staff to plan and implement adequate pre and post-operative care


• Cautery Safety • Sterilization • Surgical Procedural Support
• Aseptic Techniques • Resources Obtainment • Pacemaker Checks
• Patient education • Needs Coordination • Equipment Operations
• Wound Dressing • Supplies Inventory • Specimen Labeling/Disposal

NOVANT HEALTH, La Place, LA (6/2010 to Present)
Surgical Technologist
• Determine the type of surgery or procedure that needs to be performed and make arrangements for it
• Prepare examination and procedure / surgical rooms by ensuring that they are clean and sterilized
• Take out correlating surgical instruments and make sure that all needed equipment / machinery is up and running
• Perform sponge, sharps and instrument counts before and after each surgery
• Provide patients with information on what to expect before and after surgery
• Set up sterile table with instruments, supplies and needed medication
• Gown and glove surgeons and assistants and ensure that they are satisfied with the table setup
• Prepare sterile dressings and ensure that they conform to standards
• Keep an active eye out for patient condition by monitoring pacemakers and breathing patterns
• Clean and prepare instruments for terminal sterilization procedures
• Assist in the terminal cleaning of operating table and rooms

Key Accomplishments
• Reorganized the surgical supplies inventory which resulted in a 60% increase in operational ease
• Saved a patient’s life on the operating table by actively checking his pacemaker and raising alarm when the readings went haywire

SCRIPPS HEALTH, La Place, LA (1/2010 to 5/2010)
Surgical Specialist
• Provided assistance in cleaning and sterilizing operation theaters
• Assisted in laying out surgical instruments after carefully cleaning and sterilizing them
• Gloved and gowned surgical assistants and surgeons before each surgical procedure
• Assisted during the surgical procedure by passing instruments to the surgeon
• Provided support in preparing and putting sterile dressings on patients
• Handled cleaning up and sterilizing duties post each surgical procedure

Key Accomplishments:
• Simultaneously provided surgical support to two concurrent surgeries of a woman and her new born, which saved both lives
• Introduced a dynamic specimen labeling systems that decreased chances of labeling errors by 70%



Bachelor’s Degree in Surgical Technology